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Executive coaching

Advisory Strategy

When it comes to technical projects, having a solid Advisory Strategy can make all the difference in ensuring success. I offer tailored guidance to ensure the successful delivery of your project.

Speaker At An Event

As an experienced consultant and expert in my field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to every speaking engagement, ensuring that your event is informative, engaging, and inspiring.

Career Development

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to take the next step, I can help you create a plan that’s tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Hire Vipe Studio

With years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the unique needs of enterprise clients, we have the skills and expertise you need to take your project to the next level.
team management


4 Insights That Will Make You Better at Team Management

In business, one thing’s certain – at some point, you’ll absolutely have to get better at team management! If you nail your business planning processes, chances are your enterprise would…


Last Updated On: 29/03/23

hybrid office


A CEO’s Take on the Dynamic Hybrid Office Setting: Tips for Employee Management

In the last several years the way we work in terms of environment, schedules and setting has changed tremendously – after the pandemic, a great majority of businesses opted for remote work as their…


Last Updated On: 20/03/23

Sometimes Managers Cross the Line. Avoid These 4 Mishaps So You Don’t Fall Into That Category.

We do our best to become better at management, but this doesn’t mean we’re immune to making mistakes. Here are a few ideas that you might want to…


Last Updated On: 16/03/23

On Business Credibility: Four Ways To Make Your Enterprise Stand Out

If years ago, the main question was how to establish a business, these days, it’s more of a decision about how to make a business stand out among the sea of…


Last Updated On: 16/03/23



The Ever-So-Important Balance Between Delegating and Micromanagement

There comes a time in business development when employees are needed – once this moment arrives, you can be certain that your company is headed in the right direction. The fact that you need to…


Last Updated On: 16/03/23

How Does Your E-Commerce Store Live Up To Clients’ Standards?

It’s important to understand what your business’ online platform represents and how you can make it score highly in terms of performance and customer…
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Discussing 4 Toxic Behavioral Traits in Business Setting and How to Deal With Them

Don’t you sometimes believe that toxicity is everywhere? We are witnessing it in our intimate relationships, our friendships, and between family members and more often than not we are the ones to…


Last Updated On: 10/03/23



Here Are 4 Things Your Employees Have Been Dying to Tell You

What makes a successful business? Perhaps the big majority of aspiring entrepreneurs would point out investments, business plans, outstanding marketing strategies and getting ahead of the…


Last Updated On: 06/03/23



Anxiety-Driven Setbacks in Entrepreneurship: Here Are 4 Powerful Solutions

Anxiety, intrusive thoughts, negative assumptions, doubt, frustration, feeling powerless – I bet many people nowadays can relate to those and acknowledge that they’ve experienced some of those…


Last Updated On: 06/03/23

15 First-Time Manager Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Transitioning into a managerial or leadership role can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be…


Last Updated On: 02/03/23


Here’s How To Leverage A Business Plan For Expansion Decisions

For an entrepreneur considering business expansion, creating a solid business plan is essential to making informed decisions and minimizing costly…


Last Updated On: 02/03/23

15 Low-Budget Strategies For Increasing Cash Flow

Business cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization, and it can make or break a…


Last Updated On: 27/02/23


How To Determine The Ideal Pricing Strategy For Your Business

Pricing strategy is a critical aspect of any business, as it directly impacts customer perception, revenue and…


Last Updated On: 27/02/23

behavioral outlines

Personal Development & Growth

What Can We Learn From The Best in Each Industry? Here Are 3 Behavioral Outlines

Have you ever thought of what the best way could be when it comes to personal development? Certainly, we all engage in plenty of books, courses and content that revolve around the idea of…


Last Updated On: 22/02/23

Personal Development & Growth

Adding 4 Personal Development Strategies You Need to Take Into Account

One thing’s certain – the topic of personal development never appears to be enough! I can’t think of another time period in which people were so focused on the idea of self-improvement –…


Last Updated On: 20/02/23

major questions


5 Major Questions to Ask Yourself On The Verge of Your Professional Leap

Perhaps the majority of us feel incredibly doubtful when it comes to choosing our field of expertise, our specific job and the role we want our job to play in general in life for…


Last Updated On: 17/02/23


Why Should E-Commerce Businesses Consider Online Personalization?

Back in the day, did you ever imagine people would prefer to go shopping online instead of an occasional stroll at the mall? Online businesses and e-commerce have ultimately created their place in…


Last Updated On: 10/02/23

15 Key Tips For Developing Active Listening Skills As A Leader

Active listening is a skill that needs to be cultivated to be an effective leader, and often, employees can be your best source of inspiration for…


Last Updated On: 10/02/23