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Executive coaching

Advisory Strategy

When it comes to technical projects, having a solid Advisory Strategy can make all the difference in ensuring success. I offer tailored guidance to ensure the successful delivery of your project.

Speaker At An Event

As an experienced consultant and expert in my field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to every speaking engagement, ensuring that your event is informative, engaging, and inspiring.

Career Development

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to take the next step, I can help you create a plan that’s tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Hire Vipe Studio

With years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the unique needs of enterprise clients, we have the skills and expertise you need to take your project to the next level.
Team Activity


On Team Activity – How to Make an Impact So That Your Employees Get Engaged

Here’s a peculiar phenomenon – in the business world of entrepreneurs and thought leaders, there are still individuals who believe leading a successful enterprise revolves around a single…


Last Updated On: 06/06/23


Have You Included Networking in Your Business Strategy? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should

Nowadays entrepreneurs feel more eager than ever to turn their business aspirations into enterprises and companies worth entering the competition field. Among all the much-needed marketing and…


Last Updated On: 01/06/23

Personal Development & Growth

A Friendly Reminder About What the Hustle Culture Can Teach You (It’s Not What You Think)

Let’s envision a small experiment. Imagine yourself sitting on a bench in the nearest park – the sun’s shining, the birds are chirping, and it’s the middle of the work week yet you’ve…


Last Updated On: 29/05/23

Five Basic Yet Powerful Guidelines For Starting A Business In 2023

People who hop on the “business ownership” train typically know their own professional standards and goals that they want to live up…


Last Updated On: 25/05/23

participating in a meeting


Meetings Done Right – How Should One Prepare for the Much Awaited (Or Not So Much) Business Convos

Whether your job requires you to be in the office, fully remote or going along with the hybrid model, meetings are something you definitely stumble upon in your day-to-day. I know, I know –…


Last Updated On: 29/05/23

How Does Your E-Commerce Store Live Up To Clients’ Standards?

It’s important to understand what your business’ online platform represents and how you can make it score highly in terms of performance and customer…
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Team Management in the Context of Business Growth

Today I’ve decided it’s time to discuss a rather exciting topic – after all, business growth is what all entrepreneurs aim at. Ask anyone who has ever expressed interest in running their…


Last Updated On: 16/05/23

Don’t Resort to Anger When You’re Stressed Out. Here Are 4 Tips on How to Stay Calm.

Learn how to transform your anger into more fruitful emotions so that your leadership experience stays…


Last Updated On: 16/05/23


Here’s How to Prep an Outstanding Talk – 4 Tips for a Speaker

This article couldn’t be more on point – as I’m typing this, WordCamp Europe 2023 has just announced this year’s speakers and I’m proud to share that I’m one of them. Aside from…


Last Updated On: 10/05/23


4 Common Obstacles First-Time Managers Often Stumble Upon + How to Overcome Them

Ask any employee and probably the great majority of them would answer they dream of climbing the professional ladder at the company they are working for. Call it a desire to grow, love for what they…


Last Updated On: 04/05/23


Make Sure Your Employees Have a Blast at the Office – Here Are 5 Ways to Elevate Employee Experience

Regardless of how well your projects are going and how well the company is developing business-wise, there’s always another topic of importance you should never lose of sight. Of course, I’m…


Last Updated On: 02/05/23


Personal Development & Growth

Success Doesn’t Simply Come From Effort – Engagement and Commitment Matter Too

In today’s ever-dynamic world filled with professional opportunities and growth aspirations, we’re almost programmed into thinking that efforts are quickly followed by success. And while…


Last Updated On: 27/04/23

Events & Media

WordCamp Sofia 2023 Was a Blast – Here’s a Quick Recap

What a weekend it has been! Along with all the exciting WordPress-related projects I surround myself with on a daily basis, the other aspect of my career I enjoy the most is the opportunity to…


Last Updated On: 25/04/23

life lessons


5 Life Lessons That Can Help Your Business Too

Somewhere between personal and professional success, there’s a place for common aspects and similarities that are so interchangeable that we can’t just ignore the resemblance. Of course, everyone…


Last Updated On: 20/04/23


Here’s How to Dazzle Everyone When Public Speaking

It could be dreadful but there are strategies that might help. Photo by Product School on Unsplash Let’s reminisce over a frequent nightmare that often pops up in memes and stand-up comedy…


Last Updated On: 20/04/23


Personal Development & Growth

Here Are the Habits You Need to Implement In Order to Live a Happier Life (and Welcome Success)

I know, I know – oftentimes we all focus on ways to reach success in our lives but I believe we tend to miss a rather important fact. The people who indeed feel the most successful are usually…


Last Updated On: 19/04/23

5 Unexpected Life Changes You Might Experience When Starting a Business

Running a business sometimes has an unpredictable effect on our lives — but the more we are aware of all the possible takeaways, the easier it would be to overcome each obstacle along the…


Last Updated On: 18/04/23

How Web Development Can Improve Any Business’s Performance (Regardless Of The Niche)

Many think that development is the most important aspect of running a business. And while this is true, when you come to think about it, it’s usually more a question of how you develop your…


Last Updated On: 13/04/23