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CEO of Vipe Studio | featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

CEO of Vipe Studio | featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

Boosting Your Entrepreneurial Communication Is Key – Here’s How

For many people out there, working hard and engaging in constant hustling is the only thing you need to do in order to achieve your goals and succeed. We are living in a world that definitely praises productivity and people’s never-ending attempts in doing more for less time. What we often forget, however, is the […]

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Posted on: 01/18/23; Last updated on: 01/18/23;

How Can Mindfulness in Business Benefit Your Career? Discussing 3 Effective Practices

See, I came to the realization that I find multitasking to be quite unproductive, as bizarre as it may sound. We live in a culture that proclaims the person’s ability to multitask as a sacred ritual that leads us to success and prosperity. However, what it successfully manages to do is distance ourselves from mindfulness. […]

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Posted on: 01/11/23; Last updated on: 01/11/23;

The Power of Calm in Today’s Ever-Dynamic World: 6 Ways to Keep Yourself Balanced

If we have to address the most sought-after virtue in today’s world, perhaps we’d point out the talent of keeping calm. Photo by Javardh on Unsplash Sometimes I really try my best to think of situations when strong emotions served me justice. Perhaps you know well what types of instances I refer to — something happens and all of […]

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Posted on: 01/09/23; Last updated on: 01/09/23;

How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going For You?

Here Are 4 Useful Strategies to Make New Year’s resolutions stick. Ah, New Year’s. It’s this magnificent time of the year when everyone is hyped up and looking straight into the future with eyes full of hope and belief everything would turn out just fine for them for the next twelve months. Hence, we indulge […]

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Posted on: 01/09/23; Last updated on: 01/09/23;

How Does Your E-Commerce Store Live Up To Clients’ Standards?

It’s important to understand what your business’ online platform represents and how you can make it score highly in terms of performance and customer expectations.

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Posted on: 01/05/23; Last updated on: 01/05/23;

Inventing the Proper Business Mindset in 2023 – I Share 6 Useful Strategies

The New Year kicked right in, welcoming us all in the next twelve months of opportunities! I doubt anyone would come up with anything more inspirational than this. With facing an entire new year of possible prospects and possibilities, perhaps many people direct their attention toward inventing a certain business mindset. Establishing and nurturing a […]

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Posted on: 01/05/23; Last updated on: 01/06/23;

5 Essential Things Employees Can Teach Leaders About Growth, Success and Happiness

Books and courses are great, but have you tried letting your team teach you a thing or two?

Posted on: 01/04/23; Last updated on: 01/04/23;

Being Confident Should Be a Leader’s Top Priority. Here Are 4 Ways to Build Your Confidence Levels.

Nowadays, confidence is a hot topic — and it has every reason to be. Here’s why it’s an essential trait for leaders to consistently nurture.

Posted on: 01/04/23; Last updated on: 01/04/23;

5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Business

When I started my business six years ago, I didn’t know where to start. Here’s what I learned that can help other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Posted on: 01/04/23; Last updated on: 01/04/23;

4 Strategies for Better Focusing That Will Salvage Your Busy Day

Having a busy day is old news for an entrepreneur — let’s discuss how we can improve our productivity through focus.

Posted on: 01/04/23; Last updated on: 01/04/23;

6 Tell-Tale Signs You’ve Stumbled Upon a Great Job Candidate

The hiring process can be tough, yet it’s so incredibly important. Here’s how to know you’ve found a great addition to the team.

Posted on: 01/04/23; Last updated on: 01/04/23;

Top 4 Mindset Milestones Entrepreneurs Need to Reach for Success

We’ve all heard that success is all about the right mindset. While it might sound cliché, it’s the truth.

Posted on: 01/04/23; Last updated on: 01/04/23;

Why You Need to Stop Micromanaging Your Team and Learn to Let Go

While micromanagement works for some people, most of the time, it’s just better to avoid it altogether.

Posted on: 01/04/23; Last updated on: 01/04/23;

What Does It Take to Excel at Front-End Development? Here Are 8 Requirements

To all aspiring fellow developers who are just getting started — I’ve got you covered. @storyset / Freepik In this day and age, everybody is online — we shop, we communicate, we work, and we spend a decent part of our lives in front of our screens. When you come to think about it, it’s rather fascinating how much technology has […]

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Posted on: 12/21/22; Last updated on: 12/21/22;

Consider Putting Curiosity on Your Next Year’s Resolutions List

We all know you’re about to create a resolutions list during the festive season Since I was little, I have found the idea of resolution lists quite intriguing. There was just something about the fact that as we prepare to wrap up the year and reminisce about what has happened, we are willing to take […]

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Posted on: 12/16/22; Last updated on: 12/16/22;

5 Subtle Ways In Which You Decrease Your Productivity Levels

Whatever information source you land on, it’s highly likely you’ll read about productivity levels – so why not address how we subtly manage to decrease them unconsciously? For quite some time now my life has evolved around my productivity levels. As a CEO of a WordPress Development Agency, I constantly have a handful of tasks […]

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Posted on: 12/08/22; Last updated on: 12/08/22;

Web Development in the Context of Media and Publishers: What You Need to Know

Step into the ever so dynamic world of digital publishing by landing the perfect online platform. @designsells / Freepik In this day and age, we are constantly surrounded by information. Wherever we go, we have the chance to submerge ourselves in the endless pool of things to read and learn! Of course, tracing back the history of […]

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Posted on: 12/06/22; Last updated on: 12/06/22;

A Few Important Aspects of the One-On-One Meetings

Perhaps you think you know all about one-on-one meetings, but it never hurts to dig deeper into the subject. In today’s business and work culture, communication and professional relationships are everything. We can even take a step further stating that without them, any business would probably be doomed and undoubtedly unsuccessful. When you come to […]

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Posted on: 12/02/22; Last updated on: 12/02/22;

On Goal Setting — How The SMART Rule Can Take You Places

On Goal Setting — How The SMART Rule Can Take You Places Sometimes the biggest peak in productivity comes from a single method that can change your whole perspective. Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash When I reminisce and try to follow back my personal development, I ultimately arrive at two moments that greatly shape who I am today. The […]

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Posted on: 11/24/22; Last updated on: 11/24/22;

Overqualification: How To Manage Excellent Employees

In today’s article, we discuss overqualification in business – let’s investigate good practices for handling over-qualified employees in the workspace. The hiring process is essential for any business. At first, entrepreneurs come up with an idea and after careful research and planning they figure out ways to implement the theory in reality. Once a business […]

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Posted on: 11/24/22; Last updated on: 11/24/22;

The 4 Pillars of Communication You Need To Master as a CEO

Communication is key when it comes to owning a business – as a CEO, you should definitely know a thing or two. The truth is that the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have much experience when it comes to their future business endeavors. Usually, they are people full of ideas who desperately want to see […]

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Posted on: 11/18/22; Last updated on: 11/18/22;

Emotional Intelligence In The Context of Leadership

Emotional intelligence is perhaps one of the things we absolutely should not underestimate when it comes to leadership and management. Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash What comes to your mind whenever you hear intelligence? Take a moment right now and try to let your mind wander. We often focus on intelligence in our daily lives, trying […]

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Posted on: 11/17/22; Last updated on: 11/17/22;

Facing Difficulties In Entrepreneurship: Strategies On How To Stay On the Right Track

Whoever thinks owning a business is always smooth sailing, think twice – difficulties in entrepreneurship peak behind every corner and we need to be prepared. The moment a person decides it’s about time they engage with establishing a business, various types of emotions kick right in. At first, we feel the excitement and visualize great […]

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Posted on: 11/14/22; Last updated on: 11/14/22;

How Does a Job In The Corporate World Help You Establish a Business Later On

We often turn to numerous entrepreneurial tips, but what if our past professional experiences have done the trick? Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash Owning a business. Surely this phrase triggers an emotion in everyone. For some, it could lead to excitement and a sense of adventure. For others, it perhaps is the only possible and logical way […]

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Posted on: 11/10/22; Last updated on: 11/10/22;

Leadership Tips: How To Stay Calm When Agitation Arises?

No one’s immune to agitation at some point during their leadership – let’s discuss how to tame the discontent. Some time ago I’ve discussed the topic of conflict resolution. In it, I’ve explored all those instances when conflicts in the team arise and how the manager deals with all those situations. By all means, a […]

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Posted on: 11/09/22; Last updated on: 11/09/22;

To Delegate or Not To Delegate? The Ultimate Guide To Work Distribution

A friendly reminder to all leaders out there: You cannot and should not do everything. Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash We often discuss all the responsibilities leaders have: Be it team performance, implementing various types of leadership approaches, communication, project management, you name it, and probably a leader you know is already trying to carry a […]

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Posted on: 11/02/22; Last updated on: 11/02/22;

How Building Habits Can Help You Establish a New Mindset

On the power of habits – why implementing small changes can actually transform your life for the better? Perhaps many of you have heard plenty of success stories that deal with people having an extraordinary mindset that allowed them to go places in terms of their personal and professional development. So here we are, back […]

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Posted on: 11/02/22; Last updated on: 11/02/22;