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Events & Media: eCommerce Success Academy @ Sofia University

ecommerce lecture

An overview of my “How to create a successful site with WordPress” lecture @ eCommerce Success Academy, Sofia University, 29/10/2020

Yesterday (29/10/20) I was thrilled to participate in the Assoc. Prof. Todor Yalamov’s open business course. eCommerce Success is an initiative held by the eCommerce Success Foundation and the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

The initiative’s main purpose is to educate on the fundamentals, tips and tricks, and best techniques when it comes to establishing a business online with eCommerce solutions.

Nowadays it’s no surprise that almost every business aims at establishing a successful online presence. Creating an online store (we are talking eCommerce) is a great way to:

  • distribute your high-quality products and service on the web
  • reach potential new customers
  • maintain ongoing relationships with old ones
  • benefiting from the never-ending opportunities eCommerce platforms provide

Why establish an eCommerce platform by using WordPress?

At Vipe Studio my team and I build, launch, and maintain successful websites and platforms built on WordPress. eCommerce platforms represent a big chunk of our projects. WordPress is a really great way to execute a successful online store. It allows developers to use a variety of plugins or to write custom code in order to create a dazzling enterprise or LMS website that meets big customers traffic.

What I discussed in the lecture

I chose to present “How to create a successful site with WordPress” because I believe the CMS software is a great solution both for developers and users. Its never-ending capabilities allow professionals to build a reliable and well-built platform.

I focus on WooCommerce – WordPress’s online stores’ solution. It’s free with the option of adding countless paid features.

I discussed WooCommerce’s technical specifications, pros, and cons. I compared it with other popular eCommerce software such as Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. Together we took a look at the fundamentals when it comes to creating an online store with WooCommerce. We discussed some limitations but then gave great solutions to all eventual obstacles and difficulties.

The entire video of the lecture can be viewed here:

I hope the information provided has been useful for anyone interested in creating eCommerce platforms with the help of WooCommerce.


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