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Events & Media: European E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021

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An overview of “WordPress” -ing the Marketing Team Autonomy” – the lecture I held @ Digital4 Foundation’s European E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week, 22/05/2021

2021 is wrapping up as a quite dynamic year and I’m not only referring to the ongoing pandemic. Luckily, people from the development and digital world continue to find a way to distribute knowledge and experience. They keep on hosting events that provide a great perspective to entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, content creators.

Digital4 Foundation is an organization that focuses on all things digital. Its main purpose is to provide the audience with educational data on software development, digital marketing, eCommerce, SEO, SEM, SMM, start-ups basics, etc.

I was more than lucky to participate in 2021 Digital4’s European installment. During the E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week, I held a lecture titled “WordPress” -ing the Marketing Team Autonomy”. Today I’d like to present an overview of its content.

“WordPress” -ing the Marketing Team Autonomy”

Every successful business that aims at establishing an online presence needs at least two teams of experts who can skyrocket its gross. We’re talking developers and marketers.

Truth is, even though those professional teams work on the same projects, this does not necessarily mean they would fully and completely understand each other’s work and duties.

That’s why I chose this topic for my lecture during E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week – it’s crucial for an online business to operate on a platform whose structure enables teams to work independently. Luckily, WordPress proves to be a great CMS software that allows marketers to initiate their own tasks and agendas without constantly needing developers’ and programmers’ help. This autonomy provides both teams an excellent opportunity to work simultaneously without interfering with one another.

In a nutshell, building websites with WordPress is a great solution for every professional on board. Both development and marketing serve crucial importance when it comes to establishing a successful brand.

If you find topics such as software development, eCommerce, digital marketing, SEO, digital solutions, and all things web, I encourage you to enroll in next year’s Digital4 Foundation Europe installment.

See you there!


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