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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of an iT company. still running marathons though.

The Most Valuable Startup Advice You’ll Ever Get

As a business owner myself, I often get questions about launching a successful startup endeavour. Many people want to know what guidance I would give to my younger self and what is the finest piece of advice I’ve ever received?

Developing a startup can be a truly transformative life experience. The whole concept differs greatly from being an employee, or an employer. Startups are usually passion-driven projects that aim to showcase our greatest strengths for the whole world to see.

I know that many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses. However, most of the time talented people fall into the trap of irrational fears and excuses. For example, I’ve heard many folks with great potential say that this simply isn’t the right time or that they are still gathering courage, knowledge, and resources.

Look, I don’t blame anyone – I’m aware that it can be scary to start a business on your own, no matter how eager you are to do so. After all, you may lack experience and may only have to rely on your own unique vision.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a startup for a while now, I am sure you have already developed a business strategy and have built a roadmap for the products or services you want to provide.

Once your startup project becomes a fact of life, you’ll probably get some assistance from friends and partners, but you have to remember that they, too, may be just as inexperienced as you are in the ever-evolving business world. So, if this is the case, who should you seek counsel from?

It’s important to remember that the individuals that can truly assist you are people who have years of successful business expertise behind their backs. This is why I recommend you read startup articles on the Internet to gather information or subscribe to a startup blog you like – you’ll find hundreds online.

The good news is that the article you’re reading right now can also be of great help when it comes to startup advice. Since I’ve already established my own profitable company, I want to give you the best startup tips that have worked for me throughout the years and are sure to guide you on your own road to success too. Let’s go!

Begin a Project That You Truly Care About

First things first. I truly believe that the most crucial element of any successful startup project is to ensure that the business you want to establish is something you are genuinely enthusiastic about.

Remember that a passion project is not the same thing as a large commercial concept (and the latter may very well turn into a complete failure).

There will be struggles and hardships along the way, and if it’s something you truly care about, you’ll be less inclined to quit up when things get tough.

Consider What You Were Passionate About as a Kid

The truth is that there will never be just “one thing” that you should be doing in your lifetime. Remember that the average multi-millionaire has several separate sources of income.

However, if you’re finding it hard to find something to focus your efforts on, a good starting point would be to consider all of the things you were interested in when you were a child and a teenager.

This means that if you enjoyed writing as a kid (and were good at it), it’s probably a great idea to self-publish a book. Alternatively, you might have been interested in stocks as a teen. In this case, go on and launch your startup in the financial sector.

For me, it has always been computers and sports. I started making websites from a very early age, so naturally, I concentrated on coding and set a goal to become one of the best in the whole world.

Our interests, I’ve found, tend to stand the test of time and expand with the seasons as we get older. So, don’t be afraid to pursue something you were passionate about as a kid. I promise you, it’s totally worth it.

Worry Less

Trust me when I tell you that if I had the opportunity to talk with myself from 10 years ago, I would have told this young lad to just take it easy and worry less.

I know that concentrating on your work and company can suck the spark out of your life, so don’t let that happen. Remember to always take the time to glance around and appreciate how much fun everything is.

Stay present and be thankful for the job you get to do. After all, this is what you’ve been fighting for all along.

Discover Your Superpower

I think, in today’s fast-changing world, it’s super important to be T-shaped. This means that you need to be competent at a lot of things yet have a distinct superpower in which you excel.

Of course, this isn’t easy to accomplish. It takes 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to become world-class at something. This is why I advise you to spend more time learning and advancing your skill-set than mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours on end.

I’m a passionate advocate for mixing your job with your hobbies since it shows that you appreciate what you do enough to do it night and day.

“No” Is Frequently Only the Beginning

One of the finest pieces of advice I can give you is that “no” is frequently only the beginning.

I need you to remember that most worthwhile occupations need a significant amount of tenacity and guts. There will be many trials and errors, and that is absolutely normal. Just don’t quit and keep trying.

My own career path has proven that to be true, so whenever you hear a discouraging “no”, simply smile, move on, and keep your goals in sight.

Start Doing Whatever It Is You Want to Do Yesterday

Yes, you read that right – whatever it is you want to do, start yesterday. Begin sooner. Begin RIGHT NOW.

Remember that the earlier you get started, the quicker you’ll be able to bask in the glory or realise it’s not going to work at all. This mindset will also spare you the daunting “what if” questions since you have already done the very thing you’ve set your mind to.

I know that nothing is more agonising than the “what ifs” that can torture your brain. So take action! Now! GO FOR IT!

Get To Work Now!

And so, this is it. I really hope that the advice I shared with you in today’s article will prevent you from making any poor choices with your startup business.

Now all that’s left for you to do is go ahead and start putting what you’ve learnt into practice. Remember that running a startup requires great dedication and ongoing learning if you want to advance your career and establish yourself as a leader within your industry.

So, stay focused and productive and look at what you have always deemed crucial for your business. This entails remaining on the lookout for solutions to the issues that your niche is dealing with.

Follow the strategies that have shown to be successful in the past. You’ll most certainly need all the assistance you can get. Ask yourself what else you can do to help. Make yourself noticeable.

Believe in yourself, and the rewards will soon follow. You may appear to be an overnight success in the eyes of others, but you’ll know this isn’t the case at all. At the end of the day, your success will be determined by all the hard work you’ve put in previously, as well as the decisions you’ve made. Good luck!


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