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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of an iT company. still running marathons though.

The 3 First Steps Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Consider

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Aim at entrepreneurship with the proper attitude and preparation

If you’ve always considered yourself as a driven ambitious full of ideas individual, then most likely at some point you might turn your gaze towards entrepreneurship.

I greatly encourage and congratulate this decision. Entrepreneurship can absolutely give you lots of opportunities for skills and knowledge enhancement, getting to know fellow like-minded people, establishing a well-built and successful company. By all means, these perspectives sound incredibly worthy and tempting. I can imagine the drive and energy of anyone willing to take their chances and pursue a career in leadership.

When I first decided to turn my side hustle into a full-blown business (more on that you can read here), I couldn’t sit in one place out of excitement, dread, and curiosity about what would happen next.

I had just graduated from college. I’ve spent several wonderful and enriching years in the field of journalism. But coding and website development have always been a passion of mine. I started as a teenager in my spare time and continued to enroll in various projects later on as a freelancer. Truth was, I enjoyed doing it so much that I simply decided to give it a go work-wise and establish a company. Its main goal would be creating WordPress websites and providing impeccable products and services.

In fact, that’s exactly what I managed to achieve. As of today, I’m happy to call myself a CEO of Vipe Studio where I have the pleasure to work with an incredible team of experts (kudos to you, guys!). As time goes by, sometimes I look behind and remember some of my struggles and misconceptions that certainly made the road a lot more rough and risky.

Today I want to share with you 3 of the most important initial first steps every aspiring entrepreneur should have in consideration.

Why entrepreneurship is worth the try

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In this day and age, if you spend an hour browsing some social media you’ll be surprised to witness at least 50 people with the title “entrepreneur” somewhere in their bio description.

Surely, we live in a world where anything is possible if you have the courage and discipline to want to take a step further.

We are talking passion here. Willingness to go beyond limits, desire to overcome difficulties, to ensure independence, and to create a space worth working in. I believe it’s rather obvious why so many aspiring driven individuals with great business ideas aim at establishing a company. It’s great, it equals success, it provides profit, it helps you establish a name for yourself in the field.

But there is another addition to all of it.

Entrepreneurship is worth the risk and work because it inspires you. At the end of the day, you have this fulfillment inside you that companies you wherever you go. You feel happy, successful, well-established, creative, helpful to others, able to lead by example.

All these entrepreneurship pros, by all means, easily outnumber the cons. Speaking of, let’s focus on 3 eventual obstacles that are best to consider in advance when stepping into the world of business.

The 3 first steps every aspiring entrepreneur should consider

Every beginning is rough. I honestly think that oftentimes the initial steps in starting a new endeavor can easily be viewed as obstacles. Plus, they can also easily turn out to be ones, if you haven’t taught things over in detail.

  • Have you met John, your ideal customer? What makes you special from John’s perspective?
  • Check with your financial status and figure out your comfort zone money-wise
  • How have things between you and discouragement been lately?

Before you run away in fear, give me a chance to explain.

Have you met John, your ideal customer? What makes you special from John’s perspective?

All right, if you are serious about entrepreneurship, regarding the field of expertise, you have to get familiar with marketing personas.

Let’s talk about John for a moment. John is the name of your ideal customer. It’s safe to consider John to be your imaginary friend. But relax, nothing cuckoo going on here.

Before engaging in establishing a company, make sure you have indulged in deep target audience research. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have an image of an individual in your head. Get to know John’s occupation, financial status, interests, needs, common issues and daily struggles, desires, hobbies, education, etc. By researching your target audience, you’ll have a really great idea about how exactly to fulfill their needs and answer their high expectations.

Remember that the best long-term goal is to provide your customers a product or a service that they need, instead of trying to persuade them why they need the product or service you offer. Sure, being innovative and “out of the box” is great, but at the beginning make sure to be market-adequate. Unless you have an investor behind your back, that is.

Check with your financial status and figure out your comfort zone money-wise

Speaking about initial investments, let’s say you are on your own at the beginning of your business adventure. A crucial step for avoiding an intense emotional breakdown (you don’t want this!) is to carefully check your financial status and make a plan.

Be honest with yourself – do you have enough money to start a business and devote all of your time to it? Or do you prefer keeping your job for now and side-hustling the fundaments of your future company? Be wise when making this decision and don’t let excitement fool you – engage in entrepreneurship when you feel the stable ground beneath your feet.

How have things between you and discouragement been lately?

I hope you don’t live in a bubble where your first-ever business attempt turns into a massive hit and before you know it you are pointing a finger from the cover of the world’s best entrepreneurship magazines.

I mean, sure, it might happen, but my advice is to prepare for a bit more realistic development.

Before engaging in business and entrepreneurship, ask yourself how you deal with stress, hard work, discouragement. ‘Cause, honestly, it’s possible you’ll have loads from all those in the beginning. Simply put, prepare yourself for struggles and rough times. Don’t let discouragement set you back and make you want to quit. We’ve all been there, even Apple has started in a garage. The best thing you can do is to learn from mistakes, continue to gather knowledge and experience, and never quit.

I hope you got some fresh perspective on entrepreneurship and business establishment. Let me know if any of the advice was useful for you.


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