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Events & Media: WordPress Beyond “The Beyond” @ SoftUni

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An overview of my seminar “WordPress Beyond “The Beyond”, held @ SoftUni, 29/03/2022

I doubt there is a person out there who is into software development and hasn’t heard of WordPress. The CMS is one of the most powerful software solutions when it comes to creating and establishing websites all over the world. In fact, as of today (30/03/2022), WP is powering closely 44% of the world’s websites!

The never-ending capabilities and opportunities presented by the CMS have proven to be the number one pick for bloggers and content managers. But WordPress doesn’t stop there. With the help of thousands of plugins and the option for developers to write custom code, WordPress allows everyone to go beyond blogging.

I was invited by SoftUni to show that the CMS is software far beyond creating blogs

At Vipe Studio we manage to create, execute, launch, and maintain hundreds of WP-based websites. We are talking enterprise platforms, SME (small to medium) websites, LMS and educational platforms, eCommerce stores, etc. Our experience with custom coding and excellent plugin distribution has proven that WordPress can practically power each and every website you imagine.

“WordPress Beyond “The Beyond”

I chose this name since it speaks for itself. During the seminar, I presented WordPress’s core and fundamentals. After that, I offered an overview of its many features and techniques. Every professional web developer can perform wonders with WordPress.

I focused on talking about Headless WordPress – a solution that offers Headless website architecture. It’s no surprise it’s called the future in web development. In a nutshell, Headless WordPress allows differentiating the back-end from the front-end: you keep on using your well-known WordPress structure for maintaining your website but count on specific integrated custom features when it comes to the front-end and your website’s visuals.

During my lecture, I show many examples, share information on valuable plugins and we also discuss some great work approaches when it comes to working with the CMS beyond its content management system nature.

If you find this information useful and interesting, you can watch the whole seminar here:

Hope to see you soon at another event!


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