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Ivan Popov

i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of an iT company. still running marathons though.

Events & Media: WordPress, WooCommerce, and Retail @ Career Show

career show ivan popov

I have the pleasure to participate in this year’s Career Show – register now for free and hear me speak all about WordPress, WooCommerce, and Retail on April 6th at 9 am online!

During the years the team behind Career Show has surely managed to create an amazing event focused entirely on new job opportunities, career growth, and meeting with professionals from a variety of business fields.

The platform’s main purpose is to create both a friendly and professional environment where potential job candidates may meet their future co-workers and employers while discussing interesting and important subjects in the field.

This year we are happy to see a variety of topics and themes that start on April 6th. Some of the key subjects that will be part of this year’s installment are Retail&eCommerce, Engineering, Healthcare, Diversity, Logistics&Transportation, IT&Outsourcing, Grow, Remote, Productivity, and many more!

I’ll attend Career Show in the Retail&eCommerce section on the 6th of April

This year’s installment opens up with the Retail&eCommerce section with me being the first lecture to begin on the 6th at 9 am.

The topic I’ll be discussing with you all is WordPress, WooCommerce, and Retail.

We’ll discuss why the online presence of businesses is nowadays more important than ever. I’ll focus on retailers and owners who offer products and services – I’m sure you all are well aware of the fact that establishing an online store is a must!

We’ll take a look at WordPress as the ultimate CMS platform for creating well-built and dazzling websites. With its eCommerce plugin WooCommerce, every business can benefit from building an impeccable online presence.

Register now for free and meet me on Wednesday

Anyone can join Career Show and watch all the lectures and seminars conducted on various topics. You only need to register – it’s free, but the experience will be priceless!

See you on the 6th!


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