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Failing At Least Once Is a Must – 4 Ways to Beat Failure and Nail It the Next Time Around

know failure to know success

Today we are talking about endurance, fear of failure, and tips and tricks for overcoming discouragement

I remember once I overheard a conversation at the nearest table in a coffee shop. People were discussing business and aspiring entrepreneurial ideas. They were quite excited and eager to go into detail about their future company’s visuals, motto, office, and clients’ approach.

I smiled since people’s willingness to dive into the unknown and try to create something out of nothing has always been a very inspiring thought. I wondered how lucky those guys might be feeling – there they were, siping hot beverages, laughing, scheduling future business plans, dreaming, expressing eagerness and excitement about life’s dynamics.

Soon after the initial excitement had strangely evaporated as they began talking about failure

Sure, I thought, the failure topic should always be part of any business conversation. After all, one must be well-prepared even for the worst-case scenario.

I felt disappointed when the people at the nearest table have wrapped it up stating they better not do anything. As they’ve put it, they would fail anyway, why bother initiating anything in the first place?

Please, don’t fear failure, and don’t entitle it to run your life’s course

learn from failure

I get it, no one likes to fail, to lose, to have to start all over again. But it’s quite naive to think that you’ll never feel disappointment and discouragement. It’s quite naive to think that everything will go smoothly and effortless all the time. Life’s just not a Hallmark rom-com.

As a matter of fact, one of the things I admire most in people is their endurance to failure and immunity to discouragement. Probably those are one of the most important character traits any entrepreneur should manifest.

Because, really, how many very successful businessmen and entrepreneurs can you name that haven’t shared at least one story on failure and starting all over again?

I bet it’s quite a list.

The thing with accepting failure as a natural development process is the ability to learn from your mistakes. After all, if you don’t try anything out, you won’t be failing, but you won’t be succeeding either.

There could be a handful of reasons for failure

Of course, the dynamics of an entrepreneur’s life is a great source of failing opportunities. Especially in the beginning, when one is simply not prepared for all the twists and turns, it’s quite natural to meet obstacles that could sink your boat, so to speak.

One of the most common reasons for failure include not enough research, lack of investment resources, over or underworking, lack of professionals in the team, not diving completely into the business niche’s specifications, not monitoring the competitors’ activity closely, some bad management decisions, etc.

What’s important is that all these problematic scenarios are what teach you the best when it comes to learning from mistakes. You might have read all the entrepreneurship, business, and management books out there – if you do not execute your knowledge and skills in practice, you’ll never aim at succeeding and establishing a stable business endeavor.

The answer? Try to overcome your insecurities and implement some of these 4 ways of beating failing and starting all over again

I know overcoming fear and insecurities is a tough approach to success, but it’s a fundamental feature of your future business plans. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best techniques that will help you keep your head above water and continue to thrive:

  • take failure calmly and create a list of your mistakes
  • indulge in positive activities
  • figure out a different approach for your next try
  • learn to cherish the process itself

Take failure calmly and create a list of your mistakes

Once your plan fails to meet its initial goal, it’s time you take a step back and overview the whole situation. Try to figure out what went wrong and, more importantly, why it did. When indulging in an overview, one can far more easily outweigh the pros and cons of any situation. This way you’ll be able to create a list of all possible mishaps and try your best to avoid them the next time around.

Indulge in positive activities

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out.

Once the failure has occurred, the last thing you need on the spot is banging your head against the wall. Instead, give yourself peace of mind and indulge in pleasant and positive activities. Sports are a great way to beat stress and anxiety. When you keep yourself busy with positive activities and people for a while, this is a great technique to return to business refreshed and with better judgment.

Figure out a different approach for your next try

When establishing a business endeavor, make sure you work smart. Part of making smart decisions that may turn out to be successful is to try out different approaches. If one thing doesn’t seem to work well or its results are not what you have in mind, then widen your perspectives and execute a different path of action. That way you’ll surely begin to understand what works and what doesn’t. Also, you’ll become far more flexible. I’m telling you from experience that flexibility is one of a business owner’s most valuable and important characteristics and skills.

Learn to cherish the process itself

I’ve always truly believed that a huge part of successful entrepreneurship is cherishing the process itself rather than just aiming at big bucks or profit only. If you manage to actually enjoy your working process towards end goals, then I’m sure you’ll handle failure much easier. Why? Well, simply because you won’t be seeing it as merely losing money, but rather as a useful experience that brings valuable lessons.

I hope you’ve managed to get some good insights on failure and starting all over again. Don’t be scared to take two steps backward. All the hard work and experience pay off.


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