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28 Daily Hacks for Boosting Productivity

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Certainly, we all can benefit from enhancing our productivity on a daily basis – I share with you 28 hacks that work wonders.

Here is the thing – I’m sure we all can benefit from 36 hours daily at our disposal. But until we witness those time-changing events, we certainly have to adjust what we have on our hands. 24 hours seem like too short an amount of time for someone who has plenty of agendas, tasks, and to-dos. However, I can tell you from experience that there are ways in which anyone can greatly benefit from implementing some tactics and techniques in time management and general productivity.

I can say that I am a busy person. Daily I have tons of work tasks to perform – I engage in meetings, have discussions and conversations, work together with my team, and meet fellow entrepreneurs or future clients. Sometimes my calendar gets so crowded that it’s easy for even the most strictly oriented person to get confused and disoriented.

That’s why I had to think of some ways that will greatly boost my productivity and help me execute all the tasks I have in my mind. And it’s not just work-related stuff: I love doing sports for instance. That means that I need a system that will help me implement all the things I’d love to achieve in a single day.

Productivity is one of the top qualities entrepreneurs need to master

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The truth is without productivity, any entrepreneur would find it incredibly hard to maintain a successful company.

Having your own business certainly doesn’t come to you just sitting all day, bossing around, assigning tasks. If you ever imagined entrepreneurship like that, then I have to disappoint you. Doing business requires strength, time, stability, optimization of work duties, the delegation of certain tasks to fellow employees, meetings, events, talks with clients, etc. As you can see, the responsibilities are far too many for you not to pay attention to ways of boosting productivity.

Productivity represents one’s ability to properly manage and distribute their time and tasks. If done properly, in the end you’ll feel fulfillment about all the checked boxes from the working calendar. At the same time, you’ll be facing enough time for relaxation and engagement with hobbies in your spare time.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried out a great variety of tricks and methods that offer to boost productivity. Some worked wonders, others didn’t manage to meet my expectations. At the end of the day, I succeeded in creating a list of techniques that serve me well.

I’d love to share it with you today.

28 working daily hacks for boosting productivity

Throughout the years I realized that the best way to manage your time properly is to divide the productivity techniques into several groups. Each and every one of them will be dedicated to a certain sphere of your day-to-day.

Let’s focus on productivity techniques that are based on your time at the office, your spare time, and care for your mental health respectively.

14 Techniques that will help you boost your working office productivity

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  • go to the office earlier – being on time will help you prepare for the day ahead properly
  • use task manager software – plan your tasks and to-dos ahead of time and get notified
  • use the “eat the frog method” – engage in executing the hardest tasks first
  • schedule early meetings for delegating tasks and duties to your team – this way everyone will be able to construct a daily working plan
  • take several short breaks instead of only one long one – getting some fresh air here and there will certainly help you retain your focus
  • try to avoid rescheduling today’s tasks for tomorrow – the workload will just keep on accumulating
  • use team management virtual spaces and chat groups – this way you’ll always be in touch with your employees
  • try not to overwork yourself till late in the evening – keep your working hours and avoid burnout
  • use your spare time at the office to learn new things from your business niche – there is always room for improvement anyway
  • don’t underestimate the power of brainstorming – don’t forget to engage in brainstorming activities with your team. It’s a great strategy for coming up with some great fresh ideas.
  • if possible, choose the home office once or twice a week – working remotely sometimes is a great way to relieve stress and take a break from the office dynamics
  • have lunch with your team – it’s important to maintain a friendly and trusting relationship with your employees not just during working hours
  • create a physical dashboard with all the future tasks and endeavors for everyone to see – this technique will help everyone have a clear idea of what’s coming up next and aim at achieving it
  • always journal new ideas – inspiration rarely strikes twice so make sure you write down anything that comes to mind on the spot

7 techniques that will boost your productivity when outside of the office

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  • engage in sports after work – staying physically active will greatly boost your energy and lift your mood which essentially leads to enhances productivity
  • make sure you have a nutritional and healthy diet – eating at the office cannot always be healthy; sometimes we just grab a snack in a hurry. That’s why it’s important to eat healthy when outside of work
  • spend as much time as possible outdoors – getting some fresh air will certainly clear your mind and make you far more productive for the next busy day at the office
  • get a hobby that has nothing to do with your work – taking your mind off things is sometimes a great source of inspiration and great new ideas
  • make sure you go to bed early – productivity’s mortal enemy is the lack of energy and a good night’s sleep
  • spend time with energetic and positive people – surrounding yourself with inspirational people can easily make you happier and more productive
  • leave work tasks at the office – sometimes we get tempted to execute one more working task during evening hours. Try to avoid this because your brain will hardly ever get the chance to load off.

7 techniques that will help you take care of your mental health (since a healthy peace of mind is crucial for your work success)

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  • by all means, avoid burning out – implement the techniques mentioned above so you make sure you’ll never hit rock bottom out of exhaustion and stress
  • check with your inner happiness – if things don’t look bright, consider paying attention to the causes and do your best to eliminate every source of stress
  • go see a therapist if you feel stressed out and depressed – it’s crucial not to bury your head in your problems. Go see a professional instead and be honest with your current mental situation.
  • express your emotions, fears, and desires – having several close friends with who you can talk about anything is a great way to keep your mental health in a pristine condition
  • read books on personal development and growth – that’s a great way to boost your self-esteem and willingness to get better at things
  • be open about work-related issues with your manager – don’t fear sharing problems, points of view, and opinions with your boss since this is a great way to take the burden off your shoulders
  • if you are unhappy at your job, just leave – a career is important, but not at all costs

The bottom line

When we talk about productivity, we often focus entirely on work. But the truth is productivity goes hand in hand with every other important aspect of our life. If we feel happy and good about ourselves, then most certainly we’ll find it easy to overcome every obstacle along the way.

I’ve always counted on these techniques when it comes to boosting my productivity and persevering my energy to excel at work, at home, and at life, in general. Feel free to try implementing any of the methods – I’m curious to know if any of them worked wonders for you as well!



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