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Let’s Talk Business – Core Beliefs That You Should Ban From Your Mind

Life ain’t simply a Hollywood rom-com – business requires daily grinding

Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie that claims that starting a business is the easiest and most natural thing on Planet Earth?

You know how it goes: you woke up with a dazzling entrepreneurial idea in your mind. By lunch, you’ve already hired an office space, and in the early afternoon, you’ve gathered a team of exceptional professionals. By the evening you’re already in preparation for your first-ever New York Times interview on aspiring businessmen along with Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Wold-of-Wall-Street kind of thing!

Oh, come on, gimme a break!

As a CEO and a company owner, I oftentimes want to scream exactly those words at the screen. And while I’m laughing my a** off on how Hollywood likes to tackle serious stuff, I frequently come to wonder how many people will actually believe this fairytale-like scenario.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with having a positive outcome in your mind, as a matter of fact, it’s quite important to start off with eagerness and fate in your own abilities. I just think it’s also that important to have a clear idea of all the struggles, myths that go along with the business establishment, and the possibility of initial discouragement and disappointment.

Just in case the New York Times fails to reach you during the first several years of entrepreneurship, that is.

So what does establishing a business actually represent?

business expectations

In a nutshell, the establishment of any business out there simply shows one’s eagerness and readiness to overcome a variety of difficulties and shortcomings in order to achieve a life goal, a career development, to turn a hobby into a successful company.

I’m pretty sure that anyone out there while reading this sentence, won’t begin to imagine success hitting overnight. Truth is, things rarely turn out so easily and smoothly.

At the beginning of my business endeavor, I met plenty of obstacles. Some of these were the lack of enough amount of investments, lack of like-minded individuals who I can get aboard, lack of a clear perspective on what the next day may bring, lack of trustworthy clients with long-term contracts and agendas. Surely, all these uncertainties could scare off pretty much anyone, especially if you’re not prepared in advance that things may go wrong and downhill any minute now.

I’ve always said that it’s better to be safe than sorry

That’s why I decided to focus today on some of the myths and core beliefs that go hand in hand with business establishment, but rarely turn out to be true in reality.

See, hoping for the best is one thing – it helps you boost your self-esteem and hard work and make things happen. This skill is an absolute must if you want to establish a successful business. It also means that you’re eager and ready to execute all the necessary steps and plans in order to achieve stability and scalability.

A whole different scenario is blindly trusting all those entrepreneurship-inspired Hollywood movies that claim that the easiest activity ever is to run a business without research, without a plan, without failing several times first, without struggling to keep your head above water. Sure, all these things are not entirely impossible, but let’s face it – how many business owners can actually boast around with becoming successful in three hours?

4 core beliefs you should ban from your mind before starting a business

Let’s get down to it. I’ve prepared some of the most famous core beliefs I, as a business owner, often stumble upon when talking to aspiring businessmen-to-be.

  1. It will be a piece of cake –  see, nothing is impossible, but my advice is to prepare for some hard work in advance. Take into consideration all the hours you’ll have to spend in establishing a business idea, finding the right team, creating a name for yourself in the business niche, starting to win over clients, and awaiting your first payments. Armor yourself with courage and patience – hard work will do the trick.
  2. You’ll need to make financial investments only in the very beginning – I often hear aspiring entrepreneurs expecting to invest in their business only in the beginning and then, later on, only to pick up the fruits of their endeavor. But the truth is that in order to maintain a thriving company, you should invest in it all the time. Sure, with time profits will increase but by all means, you should reinvest a huge chunk of them back into the business. Constant development is key.
  3. Once you find the perfect team, you won’t need to work – recently I expressed my thoughts on the main differences between the boss, the leader, and the friend when it comes to managing a team. The key to success is keeping a great balance between all three roles. If you stop working alongside your employers and managers, then it’s quite likely you’ll soon lose track of what’s going on in the company. Always participate in the workflow.
  4. You expect to be working all the time – yep, it’s quite on the contrary, but the truth is many aspiring entrepreneurs out there get so keen on working and developing their business, that they simply forget to reboot and restore. Don’t forget that relaxation and some time apart from the company is actually hugely beneficial to your mental health. If your mental health suffers, then it’s quite likely your business will start to suffer as well. Always keep a clear head and never miss a chance to take a deep breath.

The bottom line

By all means, establishing a business is one of those challenging and yet really exciting lifetime adventures that enriches and develops both your interpersonal and mental state.

It’s important to start off with the proper attitude – it’s way better to expect hard work and slow results at the beginning than to face disappointment when things don’t go as smoothly. By all means, hard work will pay off. Don’t let discouragement turn into your second nature. Expect to work hard and erase all the core beliefs that are not essentially truthful from your mind. This way you’ll have a far clearer idea of where you stand and how can you reach success and overall fulfillment.


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