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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of an iT company. still running marathons though.

If I Were An Employee, I Would Definitely Leave My Job For These 11 Reasons

when should an employee quit their job

No one should stay at a job that makes them miserable – let’s discuss some of the biggest no-nos every employee should have in mind

Perhaps some of you might say: “It’s easy for him to speak, after all, he is no longer an employee!”

But the key part here is “no longer”. Sure, as of today I may be serving as the CEO of my web development company, but this doesn’t mean I didn’t have my fair share of employment years back in the day.

I even think portraying the role of the CEO actually helps me and gives me an even better understanding of what being an employee actually represents. In my day-to-day, I constantly communicate with my fellow team. We discuss issues, and work-related topics, we brainstorm together, we engage in conversation, frequently we have 1:1s to be sure we are all on the same page, etc. Throughout all those mutual experiences now I have a crystal clear vision of how important the work environment is. I pay close attention to my employees’ behavior, mood, overall well-being, and work productivity and I can assume whether things are going smoothly or not.

At the end of the day, a successful business is possible with the help of happy and fulfilled employees

You may be the living proof of excellent management when it comes to business development, growth, ads, campaigns, executing brand awareness, etc. By all means, all those skills are of crucial importance to the overall image of our enterprise but there is so much more to it.

See, a huge chunk of the manager’s or leader’s job is to make sure the employees are feeling happy and at the right spot. Because, seriously – once you lose your top employees, it will be incredibly hard for you to sustain everything else not falling apart.

The fundamentals of each and every successful enterprise is its team – the people who execute tasks and the people who delegate them. The proper and to the point approach always has to do with both business and employee care – one is simply not possible without the other.

If you are an employee, I strongly suggest you take a look at the list down below and check how many of the boxes you can tick when it comes to your current job. Too many familiar things perhaps mean it’s high time you wrap your head around the idea of how valuable you are and search for far better career options.

If you are an employer/manager/leader, I again suggest you take a look at the list down below and be honest with yourself. How many of the points listed do you cover? If you are not certain, then this is a great opportunity to conduct a meeting with your team and ask for their opinion. Honest feedback is always the best teacher.

What are the absolute no-no conditions for an employee to stay at their current job position?

employee work conditions

So, let’s say you have nailed the desired job for some time now and you began settling and getting aware of your surroundings. Do you think you are in the right place career-wise? Do you wake up in the morning with anticipation or at least ease when you think about the future workday? Or do you wake up submerged in anxiety? Have you been close to burnout lately? All those signs, no matter positive or negative, can actually give you a really great perspective on how things are actually going in the professional field of your choice.

Work-related issues that should make you raise an eyebrow

  • there’s something fishy in your employment documents – if there is a difference between what’s been said to you as a matter of work conditions and what’s actually on paper, then you should be aware of any other discrepancies
  • early on they delegate you tasks that are far from your job description without a pay raise – sure, your employer might have seen great potential in you and might want to delegate you more tasks, but this should always correspond to your job title and salary
  • you work hard and provide some great work results but promotion is never a thing – every successful employee wants their boss to appreciate and consider their efforts
  • your boss sets you impossible deadlines – burning out is just behind the corner if you keep on executing task after task without taking a deep breath from time to time
  • vague and unclear work-related explanations and details – one simply cannot expect an employee to be able to read their minds and execute everything right without any further information

Non-work-related issues that should direct you straight to the exit

  • yelling and scolding – look, that’s an absolute no-no. No one at your office is allowed to yell at you, scold you in front of the team, or be downright rude
  • simply ignoring you – negative communication is awful, but the complete lack of any communication is the worst. Without having proper conversations with your leader, how can you able to know whether or not you are doing everything right?
  • disrespect towards your beliefs or individuality – it’s absolutely unacceptable for anyone to feel disrespected or mocked regardless of the reason
  • negative and toxic work environment – we spend the majority of our day at the office so it’s crucial for us to feel okay while there; if you witness toxic behaviors that no one is paying attention to, then you can assume that’s not the right place for you
  • you are not allowed to express yourself freely – freedom in its many forms is essential for an employee to feel good at the office
  • your opinions and points of view are not being taken into consideration – again, employees are extremely valuable, and each and every one of them should feel this way

In a nutshell

Sure, there are a gazillion reasons for someone to stay or for someone to quit. What’s vital is whether or not your core needs – both professional and personal – are being met. If not, then I suggest you take the experience as a valuable lesson and proceed with finding a place where your individuality will have the possibility to shine and your abilities and skills to grow and develop even more.


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