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Outside Of Products And Services Presentation, Testimonials Are Another Important Asset For Your Customers

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Don’t forget to include some customers’ testimonials somewhere on your business website

Once you’ve successfully managed to establish a business, it’s only natural (if not mandatory) for you to think of all the other ways you can continue distributing your services. Because the reality is this – even if you have impeccable products and services in terms of quality, nobody would know about them if you do not place them adequately out there.

After all, that’s why marketing exists in the first place. Every good marketer’s goal would be to popularize your enterprise so that more people could hear about it and reach out. We are talking about social media ads, Google ads, content, carousels, banners, link-building articles, participating in social media groups and topics, etc.

But before you even reach out to a fellow marketer who would do all these things for you with the right marketing strategy, there are certain things you, as an owner, can do yourself. And all of them will surely increase the potential of your business spreading the word.

In order to better distribute your business, think like a customer

happy customers tend to leave positive feedback

A common misconception among entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs has to do with their narrow vision when it comes to business distribution. Hear me out, before deciding I’m only pointing fingers.

At the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I was no different. There were times when I was trying desperately to figure out why my business ideas didn’t reach a bigger audience. I believed I did everything right – I’ve established a company, my services were high-quality, and my team of experts was superb. What was I missing?

And then it dawned on me – I was making a huge mistake since I was viewing things from my entrepreneurial perspective. Sometimes we tend to drift off course in hopes of offering the best products and services. And while all this is how are things supposed to be, there is another important addition to the equation. We often forget how to think like a customer.

Sure, a customer definitely wants a product or a service of high quality. But then again, nowadays anyone can try to establish a business. Some of the people actually succeed and they actually do really well. So, if your competitors in your business niche are as good as your business, perhaps some further actions need to be taken. Simply put, you have to think of a way your enterprise will stand out somehow.

That’s how we end up hiring marketers whose sole purpose is to spread the word. We trust them and hope they will do amazingly when it comes to ads and content distribution. We think that that’s the time when things will become more dynamic as we are expecting a huge crowd of impatient customers to find themselves on our landing page.

But we again miss another important asset of customer care. Feedback from other customers.

Feedback and testimonials are one of the most important aspects of your business branding

Let’s continue down the road to customer satisfaction.

Okay, you already have the most important part – high-quality products and services.

But if you were a customer, what else would you need in order to make that purchase? Simply put, that’s persuasion. Now you might be like: “But isn’t that the sole reason we invest in marketing campaigns?” Yes, that’s exactly true, but marketing campaigns are created by the business’s team. And the customers know that.

To them, real persuasion comes from exploring other customers’ feedback and testimonials. The audience tends to trust similar experiences – that being said, only reading about your product presentations won’t always be enough.

Testimonials and feedback from other customers are incredibly trustworthy among newcomers. As such count the testimonials you include on your website, those left as comments in certain social media groups, in Google reviews, etc. Because, in reality, exactly those are the most truthful asset for your business’s success. Including testimonials on your website page can actually be beneficial for several reasons:

  • let other happy customers persuade potential clients
  • allow your customers to receive feedback first-hand which is very important in the entire decision-making process
  • testimonials in a nutshell are the quintessence of word-of-mouth marketing
  • when your website is filled with positive feedback, this most definitely elevates your reputation – this alone can easily make your enterprise stand out
  • if a customer leaves positive feedback on your page, it’s quite likely they would return to your services
  • testimonials are a bridge for communication – a potential client may decide to seek further information

To wrap things up

There’s no doubt that outstanding performance and distribution is a business’s main goal. But the reason behind this is mainly profit, reputation, and scalability. For an enterprise to achieve this, they will need loyal customers that would be more than happy to recommend the business to others. After all, sincere and trustworthy positive feedback is what every company hopes for. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, my advice would be to not underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing right from the start.


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