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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of an iT company. still running marathons though.

June Recap: WordCamp 2022 and What’s New With Vipe Studio

winning silver medal at the burgas aquathlon

As the month ended, I got influenced by the New Year’s resolutions trends as I wrapped my head around this June Recap.

Another month has passed by! At the start of the summer season, I felt the inner need to look closely at how these last 30 days have gone – I’ve always found recaps and resolutions to be quite fruitful and beneficial.

There’s this thing with throwbacks. When we look at things from a perspective, we often are able to see situations and issues more clearly and evaluate certain obstacles as indeed lessons and mistakes to learn from. I believe that’s why New Year’s resolutions became so popular during the last several years. It feels like receiving closure when ending a certain period of your life with a retrospective approach.

Although nothing really ended (except for a certain change in terms of Vipe Studio’s staff, but more on that – later), a lot of things happened in June, both for me and for the company in general. So I thought it would be a great idea to just ramble on the topics that managed to spark my interest during the past 30 days. It’s incredibly therapeutic – I advise you to try it out sometime. Who knows, perhaps I’ll consider turning this into a monthly column.

June was full of intense emotions – some were definitely worth dying for, while others got me thinking about accepting mishaps in a new healthier way

In the past 30 days, so many things happened that at times I find it hard to comprehend them all at once! But that’s the beauty of the entrepreneurial lifestyle – you never know when a dynamic is going to hit and rock your world.

Luckily for me, the positive aspects of change were dominant

✔️ First, I debuted at the WordCamp 2022 in Porto, Portugal

It’s been a month since that endeavor and I still find it hard to believe it actually happened! WordCamp is a dream come true for anyone who is a fan of WordPress. I use the CMS from the very early stages of my developer career, I even use the platform daily since WordPress is the core of Vipe Studio’s services. My whole company revolves around the CMS. So you can imagine my anticipation and excitement when I got the chance to actually speak at the event!

ivan popov at wordcamp europe 2022

I focused my lecture on the Headless WordPress for Enterprises topic and I experienced unmatched networking, met amazing people, and never felt more assured that WordPress’s future is bright and evolving. If you are interested in more details about this year’s WordCamp, you can read my day-to-day POV recap here.

✔️ I got my first individual podium since my return to competitive sport

Everyone who knows me well is familiar with my infatuation with sports. I used to do sports professionally in various pentathlon races. To me, doing sports is the epitome of the human spirit – it’s amazing to witness how your body changes and how much it can achieve if you just tune in daily and make the effort.

Since not a single day has passed by for me not missing sports, I took the only logical step – I returned to competitive sports. I cannot tell you enough how alive and full of energy I feel every time I hit the races. So what happened in June, in particular, made me extra happy – I won second place at the Burgas Aquathlon! I’ve always thought silver suited me! The race was erratic – we had to start with a 2.5km run, followed by a 1km open-water swim. We then ended with another 2.5km run. Crazy, isn’t it?!

Of course, June has presented me with two not-so-pleasant situations as well

Life has its own definite ways to teach us about balance, patience, perseverance and durability.

Of course, June was great but two certain occasions managed to throw me off balance for a moment and made me reevaluate some aspects of business and professional relationships.

❌ Vipe Studio has received its first-ever 1-star review at Trustpilot

At Vipe Studio we have always aimed at providing impeccable services. The many 5-star reviews from customers in the years have served as our barometer, making us believe we are on the right track. Because what can really be more important for a company outside of its clients’ satisfaction?

That’s why we felt caught off guard when in June Vipe Studio received its first-ever 1-star review on Trustpilot. We work constantly on improving our services and customer communication since we believe in progress and development so the negative review was a surprise. The fact that whoever left it chose to keep their name a secret makes me believe it’s possible for a competitor to play games on our behalf, but who am I to judge? Of course, my team and I are doing everything in our power to get in touch with that user and understand more details about the situation in question.

❌ In June the team has parted ways with an important and valuable member 

One of our developers decided it’s time for them to part ways with Vipe Studio in search of more appealing professional opportunities. I always find it hard to say goodbye to team members since we tend to build family-like relationships with the people we work it. It’s just part of Vipe Studio’s work culture. Nevertheless, I wish my former employee all the best in their future business endeavors with the hope of having the chance to work together again sometime in the future!

In a nutshell

June was an incredible month business and networking-wise. I still find myself returning to the great moments that shaped this 30-day period. Of course, I take into consideration the not-so-pleasant ones but hey – we are all here to learn and develop further. What better suits this than a mishap or two?


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