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Yet Another Useful Productivity Technique

productivity technique

In this day and age, we are all about being productive – let’s discuss yet another productivity technique that may actually do the work.

The last time I wrote about productivity was, essentially, the time I felt my productivity at its peak. It’s funny how we choose the subjects that are the most relatable to us at the very moment. Sure, more often than not, I perhaps may write an expert piece on procrastination, but hey – we are here to escape those vicious loops of wasting time, aren’t we?

The truth is there’s only natural for productivity to be such an important aspect of today’s life. It simply matters way too much. There are a whole lot of jobs nowadays that allow people to be remote and to have the opportunity to design their own work schedules. That’s why being productive is essential – whether you are a remote employee, a manager, a leader, or an entrepreneur. It all depends on how you will distribute your duties. Imagine if suddenly all your productivity goes down the drain – it’s safe to assume that procrastination can literally doom your professional development.

But the thing with productivity is that we often lose it as quickly as we get it


Okay, imagine you come up with this great productivity strategy. Let’s say you choose to use the Eisenhower Matrix when you create lists and place your tasks in them according to their urgency and importance. Certainly, this will help you put your workload in order and soon you’d face a much more pleasant working routine at the office.

But when we talk about productivity, there are many other aspects to consider – it’s not only about the time we spent behind our desks. There is so much more to building a pleasant work schedule! A big part has to do with establishing the much-needed mindset, as well as making sure we start our days properly.

Our morning routine, for instance, has huge control over the course of our entire day. If we fail to start our day on a positive note, there’s a high chance we won’t benefit as much from the working hours. The same goes for both our lunch breaks and our spare time after work. My point is that being productive is this wholesome cycle of feeling great while being able to finish up the majority of the tasks for the day. If done right, productivity can ensure us a feeling of self-sufficiency and prosperity.

But routines have this habit of wearing out – if something works perfectly fine for a month or two is not a guarantee it will continue to do so for the time being. Sometimes we get sick of maintaining a certain productivity routine, or perhaps our lifestyle changes, or perhaps we just need to implement the change in our mindset to correspond to our work and life pace. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to always keep an eye on our productivity technique, so we can be sure that it still works. If anything seems off, then perhaps it’s about time we change our course and find another source of proactivity and power.

These days I happen to like the following productivity technique and I believe you should try it too

But first, a quick disclaimer: there isn’t a single productivity technique that would work wonders for everybody. Even though a certain productivity technique may seem appealing to you, this doesn’t mean it would work – my advice would be to always cautious and try it out yourself to see whether or not it’s suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss some productivity methods that you can apply right away and see how it goes from there:

  • get enough sleep – I know you’ve probably heard it numerous times before (in my articles as well), but I cannot stress enough how important being well-rested is. When you are sleep deprived, you tend to lose your focus and with the day passing by, you feel less and less energy to the point when you feel like doing nothing. That’s why perhaps the lack of sleep is the number one cause of procrastination. So instead of thinking of other ways how to beat procrastination, my advice is to start with getting enough rest throughout the night.
  • set no more than three tasks for the day, if possible – sometimes we feel like we have to finish up every single duty on our list, regardless if it’s urgent or important. But that approach may actually cause more damage than success, mainly because you are getting yourself closer and closer to burnout. Prioritize your task and choose the three most important ones to deal with the next day. You’ll see that this way you’ll be able to save your energy and actually do way better.
  • plan ahead – well, sometimes we indeed need structure if we want things to go smoothly. Even if you’re not a vivid planner, consider trying to plan your days ahead by creating work schedules. This will help you distribute work in a proper manner and focus on what’s really important throughout the week.
  • spend some time taking a rest – it may sound counterintuitive, but in order for us to keep our productivity, we also need to balance it out with proper relaxation. Schedule a longer break throughout the day – you can use this time to recharge and reorganize your priorities. After that, you’d feel much more refreshed and ready to show more proactivity.
  • change your scenery (if applicable to your job) – if you have the chance to work remotely, then I believe it’s a great idea for you to change your location from time to time. For example, you can always visit the nearest coffee shop and work from there. You can even plan a mini vacation outside of town. My point is that you can actually benefit from working remotely and you need to make sure you’re doing so. When we change the scenery, we actually recharge our brains and this elevates our mood.

In a nutshell

Productivity can indeed be your best friend in terms of reaching success and proactivity. Nevertheless, don’t forget to try out different strategies and methods before you stumble upon the productivity technique that best suits your needs. Once you manage to do so, you’d notice that there can be a fun side to every work day.


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