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Elevate Your Motivation in 3 Easy Steps


We live in a world where we’re constantly surrounded by thoughts about motivation – let’s discover how to reach it on a daily basis.

What comes to mind whenever we think about motivation?

Usually, it has to do with success, leveling up, development and growth. Essentially, in today’s work climate, we ultimately relate motivation to competition – the more motivated we are, the more work we do, the more successful we’ll get in comparison to others.

In reality, the ones we should be comparing ourselves to, us, indeed, ourselves only. Elevated levels of motivation come from within – when you realize that today you’ve done a lot better compared to yesterday, this ultimately boosts your self-confidence and assurance to keep up the good work.

Since motivation is so important in our daily lives, I decided to dedicate today’s article to ways that can help us develop and maintain high levels of motivation. Of course, there are times and instances when motivation seems to be the last thing on our mind – luckily, those periods don’t last for too long, especially if you know how to handle them properly.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

In order to nurture motivation, let’s discuss discipline first

motivation and discipline

During the years of my professional endeavors, I always tried to preserve motivation, thinking it was the ultimate way for achieving long-term success. Little did I know back then that motivation actually is a product of discipline.

Having discipline is rather underrated these days – I often witness people thriving for success while lacking discipline in their daily schedules. What’s important for all of us to realize is that motivation cannot come out of thin air – it’s a state of mind that requires years to build. Essentially, what helps us establish motivation as our go-to readiness for achievements, is enabling strict schedules in our day-to-day.

Discipline requires structure and planning. A lot of people think that discipline comes from motivation, but my experience has shown me that it is indeed the other way around.

There are times when we feel like doing nothing – we cannot expect ourselves to be motivated just like that. On the other hand, if we stick to a certain plan or a schedule and have the discipline to proceed with the steps needed, there’s a high chance we’ll get motivated by the results. Because actions always equal results.

What’s more, having discipline can also be tricky. First, we need to be aware of what we want to achieve. Then, we must come up with a plan, and a vision that will help us fulfill our desires and career aspirations. Once we’ve got a plan, it’s then possible, if not easy, to stay disciplined for the time being until we start seeing unquestionable results from our actions.

So once we’ve managed to understand just how important discipline is, it’s time we include some useful strategies that can further support our motivation.

3 easy steps that will ultimately make us feel more motivated

Once we’ve figured out our aspirations, achievements, and, essentially, a plan, we need some extra motivation levels to keep us moving forward. Let’s discuss 3 quite useful ones.

  1. Start small. Sometimes there are days when we literally feel like doing nothing but we must not let the discipline and motivation loop end. So a great way to keep us moving forward is by starting small. Choose actions that do not require much effort and are easy to implement – this way you can easily finish up a task or two and will boost your dopamine levels. From then on, you’d be surprised to witness just how willing you’ll get to continue with each successfully completed duty.
  2. Imagine the road ahead that would lead you to your dream, not the dream result itself. We often tend to visualize and think about the time we achieve our dreams, yet we forget that sometimes we may stumble upon quite a few obstacles down the road. It’s these obstacles exactly that fail us. If we are not completely prepared for what would take for the dream to happen, we may find ourselves lacking motivation and willing to call it quits. So the next time you want to start a business, avoid thinking about the profit; rather, imagine how you’d hire people, how you’d create your brand strategy, etc. This way you’ll be more prepared and able to deal with whatever.
  3. Use the power of rewards. For every completed task throughout the day, reward yourself with a little something. This will also help you break down the tasks into smaller bits for some extra support when you feel less motivated.


Motivation and discipline are definitely everybody’s best friends when it comes to achievements and aspirations. Nonetheless, there are times when we lack the motivation needed in order to keep on moving. Even though it appears to be difficult, we need to implement different tactics. Having strict and useful steps can always help us continue achieving our career goals.


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