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5 Subtle Ways In Which You Decrease Your Productivity Levels

productivity levels

Whatever information source you land on, it’s highly likely you’ll read about productivity levels – so why not address how we subtly manage to decrease them unconsciously?

For quite some time now my life has evolved around my productivity levels. As a CEO of a WordPress Development Agency, I constantly have a handful of tasks and duties – imagine how everything would turn out if my productivity levels dropped to a point where I couldn’t perform as expected.

The thing with productivity is that it’s essential if we truly want to achieve more or, at least, what’s on our plate for the day. On the other hand, productivity levels are now always easy to navigate – there are times when our efforts are in fact detrimental to our desire to accomplish more.

Given the fact that there are plenty of articles covering a huge list of know-how when it comes to increasing productivity, I thought it wouldn’t be a terrible idea if I wrote one describing some tendencies we engage in that actually do us more harm than good.

Today we are talking about the subtle ways we actually decrease our productivity levels. Read on as it’s important to spot those thought models and habits.

But first things first – why are productivity levels so hard to maintain?

high productivity levels

By all means, we are constantly surrounded by information that revolves around productivity. If you choose to speak to a life or career coach, chances are they’d tell you how important it is for you to maintain increased productivity levels.

If you choose the path toward self-enlightenment, you’d again reach the point when you realize it’s productivity, among other things, that enables you to stay on the right track.

Essentially, there’s another instance when the matter of productivity levels manages to lurk in – when you come to think about it, we are surrounded in our daily lives by individuals who preach productivity and how well things have been going for them. Sure, perhaps sometimes those people might be exaggerating, hiding their struggles and obstacles from others, but it’s their apparent certainty that triggers us into thinking we are just not making it through.

All those things combined could be both a remedy and a curse.

If we have come up with strategies that help us maintain high productivity levels, then being surrounded by constant talks about productivity can in fact further boost our determination and self-esteem. It’s like being influenced daily to keep up the good work that seems to be delivering the expected positive results.

On the other hand, if you’ve been using strategies that don’t seem to be working on your behalf, your productivity levels would naturally drop. In instances like these, you being surrounded by talks about productivity can in reality backfire. Why? Because you’d soon start to believe it’s you who are faulty. Perhaps you’d start to think that you are not capable of staying productive. The truth is, however, that it’s not you who is faulty – it’s your productivity tactics that subtly decrease your productivity levels.

Here are 5 subtle ways in which you unconsciously decrease your productivity

As we said, productivity levels are a byproduct of both your own perception of things as well as how your surroundings affect your well-being. Having that in mind is essential if you want to come up with the best ways in which to boost your productivity daily.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that everybody should pay close attention to their actions and thought patterns. This way you’ll be able to catch faulty scenarios and predispositions that are perhaps what is keeping you from fulfilling your goals and dreams.

We often read about numerous tactics that can help us achieve elevated productivity levels but we often miss that productivity, essentially, derives from having a certain mindset. If your consciousness is not oriented toward success, fulfillment, calmness, and inspiration, then you’ll find it hard to maintain motivation regardless of the techniques.

Throughout the years I’ve observed certain thought and action-driven patterns that I assume drastically increase anyone’s productivity in terms of motivation, happiness, and content. Here are 5 subtle ways you manage to decrease your own productivity levels without even knowing it.

  • Staying in a negative or toxic environment – now this one is quite important. If you spend the majority of your time surrounded by toxic people, it doesn’t really matter how hard you try to increase your productivity levels. Productivity thrives in a friendly, calm, and balanced environment because our surroundings dictate how we feel to a great extent. So even if you try your best to maintain your productivity, being constantly surrounded by people who put you down will quickly devastate your efforts. That’s why we need to pick wisely whenever it comes to the environment we choose.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others – being part of a competitive environment would likely make you compare yourself to your peers. But the reality is that everyone is on their own path – healthy productivity patterns come from following your own’s path and aspirations. Comparing to others often brings us anxiety and discontent – once those emotions hit, productivity usually drops.
  • Being productive for the sake of productivity – when we fail at carefully listing our goals, we may fall into a pattern of constantly pushing ourselves to productivity just for the sake of mimicking everyone else. At some point, it’s highly likely we’ll experience burnout which, of course, greatly decreases our productivity.
  • Not following your true nature – sometimes we engage in activities that don’t really correspond to our desires and passions. In instances like these, even the greatest productivity techniques cannot set the tone for our elevated motivation and overall mood. So we should always follow our passion if we want things to work out rather easily.

Productivity is important but how we choose to implement it is crucial

If we overall have chosen productivity techniques that don’t seem to be doing the work, we’d soon realize we are incapable of elevating our productivity levels. Essentially, this could lead to frustration, anxiety, and burnout.

Being honest with yourself in terms of what you want to do and what works best for you is very important when you decide upon your productivity techniques. Otherwise, you’ll be just wasting your time in vain trying to climb a building while using the wrong ladder all along.


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