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Anxiety-Driven Setbacks in Entrepreneurship: Here Are 4 Powerful Solutions


Anxiety, intrusive thoughts, negative assumptions, doubt, frustration, feeling powerless – I bet many people nowadays can relate to those and acknowledge that they’ve experienced some of those emotions and states at least once. Sadly, it’s the world we live in – people feel more and more overwhelmed and this can have a drastic impact on virtually any field of life. In today’s article, I’ve decided to focus your attention on anxiety-driven setbacks in entrepreneurship – yes, it’s very much real.

When we hear about anxiety, we’re used to thinking it has to do with how one perceives themselves and that it affects mainly their personal life in terms of romantic relationships, friendships and family matters. However, anxiety doesn’t simply choose carefully which life field to attack – sometimes it can spread in situations that we thought we had under control. As the article name is suggesting, anxiety in entrepreneurship certainly takes its toll on people – both aspiring business owners and well-established ones with successful companies behind them.

So without any further ado, I’d like to address anxiety in entrepreneurship hoping for raising awareness as well as introducing 4 powerful solutions you could use in order to ease its effects on your day-to-day. Of course, this article is by no means meant to replace any type of professional consultation – if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and beyond concerned, your best bet would be to talk to an expert who will be able to address your anxiety in a professional manner.

Anxiety in Entrepreneurship Is Indeed Very Real and It Needs Our Undivided Attention

If we take a moment to explain what anxiety is it would perhaps go as this: Anxiety is simply finding it hard to remain in the here and now with your mind constantly going back in the past and forward in the future, worrying about things, people, ideas, memories and what-ifs that it simply cannot control.

My experience in the field of entrepreneurship and business ownership has shown me that the idea of having things under control is oftentimes pivotal to one’s belief that everything is going great. If we lose our sense of control over a situation, this can drastically worsen our perception of things – chances are anxious and intrusive thoughts may occur making the entire experience more overwhelming and taking a toll on our overall mental health.

Of course, there are numerous other reasons why we might start to feel anxious when it comes to our business or entrepreneurship agendas:

  • We may be having money concerns in terms of investments;
  • Our company may be witnessing tremendous levels of competition;
  • It might be hard for us to find the best employees in terms of dedication, expertise and desire to give their best;
  • We might feel shaken by the imposter syndrome – while we feel determined to put our business ideas into practice, we also might feel insecure about whether we’ve got what it takes in order to build a successful business;
  • Anxiety can even come from a place of insecurity and need for inner work – especially when we are young, we still have a lot of inner work to do in terms of self-awareness and getting around our skills, strong sides and weak behavior points;

As we can see, anxiety can be triggered by numerous reasons and predispositions. One of the most important steps toward healing is acknowledging our triggers – realizing what’s causing our anxiety to the peak is absolutely essential if we want to quickly get better and get rid of overwhelming thoughts. If you’re uncertain why anxiety has entered your life, by all means, the best thing you can do is address the matter with a mental health professional who can guide you throughout this challenging time.

Meanwhile, there are several useful tactics you could reach out to and that would certainly make you ease your anxious cycles whenever they storm into your day-to-day. Let’s discuss those!

Sharing 4 Useful Solutions That Can Help Your Business-Driven Anxiety

  1. We’ve already mentioned that one but it’s worth coming up again – try to investigate where your anxious thoughts come from. Being self-aware is perhaps the best way to get to the bottom of anything really – take a moment and confide in a quiet place with no distractions. Try reminiscing over some of the biggest events that happened recently and try to figure out how they managed to interfere with your consciousness. Oftentimes we stumble upon patterns, behaviors and certain thought processes that may affect anyone’s overall mental health.
  2. Try planning ahead. Oftentimes anxiety simply stands for fearing what the future has to bring with the lack of control that goes along with it. If that’s the case, perhaps planning could do the trick – sit down and try to plan ahead for the week to come. Try to be as specific as you can and see whether it’ll have a good effect on your anxious thoughts.
  3. Perhaps a day off might do the trick. Oftentimes, especially at the very early stages of business establishment, entrepreneurs get to really push their limits when it comes to working and putting in the extra effort. Essentially, if the workload is not distributed properly, it could quickly lead to burnout, hence the anxious feelings. So it probably won’t be a bad idea for you to take a day or a week off and truly try to shake things off and relax.
  4. Check with yourself whether your business niche actually represents what you love. Sometimes entrepreneurs get so worked up around the idea of establishing an enterprise that they follow the trend and engage in a niche that doesn’t entice them in any way. If that’s the case, it doesn’t come up as a surprise that anxiety kicks in. In order for a business to be successful, the number one most important thing is for the entrepreneur to be following their dreams, passions and aspirations. So be sincere with yourself and check whether you’re on the right business track.

I hope the above-mentioned tips and solutions could be a focal point toward easing your anxiety. Don’t forget that we all feel anxious from time to time but this doesn’t mean we don’t have to work hard in terms of getting rid of whatever it is that’s bugging us. Stepping ahead and doing something about it is the very best thing you could do.


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