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Here Are 4 Things Your Employees Have Been Dying to Tell You


What makes a successful business? Perhaps the big majority of aspiring entrepreneurs would point out investments, business plans, outstanding marketing strategies and getting ahead of the competition, to name a few. But truly successful business owners will ultimately add yet another important aspect to a successful enterprise – its employees.

In several articles of mine, I’ve gone to great lengths discussing the importance of having proper communication with your employees. If you think they don’t matter on the grand scale of things, you’d be having a bad time – the team is a pivotal part of the long-term success of the entire enterprise and no investments or dazzling marketing creatives are capable of surpassing it. Oftentimes, however, entrepreneurs get so entangled in all things business-related that they simply miss engaging in an honest fruitful conversation with their team members.

In today’s article, I’d like to share 4 things your employees have been dying to tell you – I know those for a fact since they were precise matters my own team has brought to my attention. So, without any further ado, let’s get going.

The Easiest Way For an Entrepreneur to Have a Successful Team Is By Engaging With It Frequently

I bet all business owners (myself included) are guilty of the fact that we have taken our team for granted at some point. You know how it goes – you hire experts that don’t need micromanagement and you put them in positions of managing other team members, only for you to soon realize you haven’t spoken a single word with any of them.

Essentially, this behavior is extremely detrimental to the long-term company success – as employees are any business’s driving force, you cannot simply expect them to be always up and running without the feeling of appreciation. And here’s another thing – monetary bonuses or pay raises are simply not enough as employees often share that appraisals and words of admiration and motivation oftentimes are what truly do the trick for them.

Through honest and open communication any entrepreneur could easily access their employees’ emotions, triggers, needs and desires. Essentially, that’s the best way for anyone to be building a team spirit and keeping the company moving forward.

So if for any reason you feel the communication between you and your employees is suffering, I advise you to quickly come to terms with how to nurture it and pay more attention to fruitful conversations. Until then, here are 4 things your employees are dying to tell you – perhaps those 4 points will give you some food for thought and wisdom.

4 Things Your Employees Wish to Tell You

  • Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you’re always right – certainly, at the end of the day, you’d be the one whose word would be heard and taken into consideration decision-wise. But this certainly doesn’t mean you’re always right – oftentimes employees in your team could have a fresh and smart approach towards a problem or an issue and if you dare to ask for their opinion, you’d find yourself with quite wise solutions and strategies. Entrepreneurs often believe they know better but, in reality, gaining more perspective is always your best shot.
  • Not respecting people’s boundaries would certainly not give you the “Entrepreneur of the year” award – anything from humor to topics of discussion should be taken into consideration based on your employees’ personalities. By getting to know your team, you’d know which topics are permitted and which are prohibited – being sensible and empathetic whenever you communicate is definitely a great management strategy that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Your employees have in fact awesome personalities – entrepreneurs can’t expect to build a great team without knowing its members. Perhaps the best strategy in terms of creating a dazzling team of experts is getting to know each member individually in terms of grasping their personality. This way entrepreneurs can easily determine whether someone’s introverted or an extrovert, what is their work ethic and under what circumstances are they most capable of achieving great results. Besides, it also shows integrity, emotional intelligence and overall care.
  • Burnout is real and it should be taken into consideration – just because the team is always up and running doesn’t mean its members don’t need time off from time to time. And I’m not referring to paid leave only – a manager’s job should be to closely monitor how is everyone doing and, when needed, they need to address certain aspects of people’s behavior. Simple questions such as how is everybody doing and whether they need anything can greatly improve everyone’s well-being and strengthen the bond.

Opting for open and honest communication is always beneficial – I hope the above-mentioned four instances of employees sharing will get you thinking and will boost your determination for detailed and improved conversations.


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