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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of an iT company. still running marathons though.

Here Are the Habits You Need to Implement In Order to Live a Happier Life (and Welcome Success)


I know, I know – oftentimes we all focus on ways to reach success in our lives but I believe we tend to miss a rather important fact. The people who indeed feel the most successful are usually those who call themselves happy. There’s no doubt about that – when a person is content with how their life’s been going, they are more prone to success simply because they’ve nurtured the right mindset.

In my life as a business owner, I’ve often witnessed certain mindset patterns and behaviors that definitely paved my way toward success with little effort whatsoever – the key is to first implement certain habits in our daily lives that would then help us reach that mindset levels that welcome success in our lives. It would be rather naïve for us to think that relying on old patterns would lead us on a new path – sometimes all we need is to stop for a moment and truly see our day-to-day for what it is; then we need to reconsider some of the old ways that don’t seem to be working for us and replace them with working strategies that would elevate our state of happiness.

So in today’s article, I’ve decided to share with you 6 useful working strategies that have the potential to change your life for the better – try them out and you’d likely witness positive changes that would elevate your vibe and help you welcome success and content in every life sphere.

Let’s Start From Square One – Why Inner Peace and Feeling Balanced Matter So Much

You may think it’s a cliché but hear me out just for a second.

If on a daily basis, you engage in activities, thought patterns and habits that don’t bring you joy and don’t bring anything to the table for you, then it’s time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s essential for anyone to feel content and happy with their day-to-day – otherwise, feelings of discontent, inadequacy and meaningless efforts would occur and shift your entire perspective. When a person is feeling down, they lack inner peace and feelings of balance – how can we expect them to reach out for success and embrace happiness if they don’t have the mindset needed?

Luckily this mindset could be obtained by implementing certain success-oriented habits that are proven strategies to make anyone feel better about themselves, nurture their mental health and raise their vibration to a point where happiness and contentment would become their frequent state of being. Sounds tempting? Check out my tips down below to start your shifting process today and witness the much-desired change in no time.

5 Valuable Tips That Would Help You Welcome Happiness and Success Into Your Life

We’ve already established that happiness and success come into life the moment we start to feel content and at peace with our day-to-day – think of it as tuning in on the right frequency. If you’re wondering how this could be achieved, I’ve prepared a list with 5 valuable tips that would come in handy. Let’s get down to it.

Make Sure You Stay Active and Engage in Physical Activities

Nowadays people get less and less active, especially if they’re embracing the home office style of work. Sitting long hours and missing out on engaging in various physical activities is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why people get out of shape and have their mental health suffer. Spending the majority of our team in front of the screens of our devices is proven to decrease focus, inspiration and productivity – we need to take some time off and get our bodies moving if we want to stay healthy and happy. It’s proven that physical activities and sports are great mood boosters so try to include them in your weekly habits for high happiness levels and drive.

Pay Attention to the Content You Digest

Taking care of our mental health is absolutely essential – we’ve already established that. But this doesn’t just end with trying to surround ourselves with a positive work environment – in a way, the content we choose to digest outside of working hours is also crucial to the way we respond to stress. Be it podcasts, books, movies, gatherings with friends, you name it – every little thing we choose to focus our attention on has a direct impact on our mental health.

In order for us to be happy and welcome success into our lives, we need to be mindful of all the things that make us feel a certain way. If let’s say, a podcast we occasionally listen to brings out emotions such as anxiety or overwhelm, it’s better to leave it be and choose another one that nourishes our state of being content. Being mindful about what we choose to spend our time on is crucial for our happiness.

We Should Always Pay Attention to How Much Sleep We Get

Sleepless nights might be fun and all but continuous lack of sleep is proven to trigger anxiety, decreased focus and lack of productivity. Having a good night’s sleep is crucial for our mental health – when we are well-rested, we feel full of energy, work seems like a piece of cake and success come easy to us simply because we have all it takes to do our job properly and direct our attention to what truly matters.

Making Sure We Love What We Do Is Essential for Long-Term Success

Perhaps I’m stating the obvious here but on a daily basis, I witness so many people who seem to have lost their direction and engage in jobs that don’t bring any joy or enthusiasm. This could potentially lead to burnout and anxiety – imagine having to spend your day-to-day dealing with tasks you despise or working with people you are not particularly fond of.

Loving your job is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to bringing happiness and success into your life. It means you’ll dedicate all it takes for things to work out – and we all well know that where there are efforts, success is natural to occur.

Surrounding Ourselves with the Proper Crowd

A wise person once told me that the people I choose to spend my time with will have a tremendous impact on my life in general. I’ve learned that this is true – if you spend the majority of your time with proactive and inspirational individuals, chances are they’d help you establish and nurture those same qualities yourself. Learning from each other and sharing our experiences is perhaps the best thing we could get out of our peers. So let’s make sure our crowd is worth the hype!

Try those tips out and let me know whether you’ve stumbled upon a difference in the way you feel – I’m certain you’d experience a lift when it comes to your vibe and the way you feel in your daily life. Be it personal or professional life, my advice is to carefully observe how you feel wherever you are, so you can easily come across all those things, thoughts and people that don’t do you justice. From then on, you could change course and find what truly makes your engine run.


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