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WordCamp Sofia 2023 Was a Blast – Here’s a Quick Recap

What a weekend it has been! Along with all the exciting WordPress-related projects I surround myself with on a daily basis, the other aspect of my career I enjoy the most is the opportunity to participate in a plethora of events that pave the way to the ever-growing professional development of WordPress-savvy individuals. Of course, all eyes were on WordCamp Sofia 2023 – as the event passed and brought hundreds of smiles to people’s faces, I decided it was time for a quick recap that will allow all those who weren’t there to take a taste of the event’s atmosphere.

Join me as I’m about to tell you all about WordCamp Sofia 2023 from my perspective – you’ll learn all about the program, as well as what Vipe Studio had to do with the organization of the event itself. Did you know we were one of the sponsors? Yes, you’ve heard that right – and it was worth every second!

A Truly Outstanding Event That Brought All WordPress Lovers Together

2019 was the last time the WordPress community had an in-person gathering in Bulgaria – the pandemic put on hold a lot of live events and the conference was no exception. This explains why all WordPress professionals and enthusiasts were so ecstatic and couldn’t wait for 22-23 April 2023 – we were finally going to have the opportunity to attend a live conference since the pandemic and boy, the organization was going at full speed for months prior to the start of the event.

For this year’s installment in Sofia, our goal was to gather 400+ attendees and I’m more than happy to confirm that we’ve succeeded – Sofia Tech Park was quickly filled with professionals, enthusiasts, fans and speakers and together we attended a very successful conference that taught us so many things about our favorite CMS.

Both I and my team attended the speaking sessions and were more than happy to discover plenty of interesting and intriguing topics on WordPress development, the digital landscape development and the latest industry trends. We believe everyone, regardless of their field of expertise and title, managed to gather important information and data on a variety of subjects that would serve as the fundament of any WordPress-related project.

We were keen participants in the WordCamp organization since we know from experience just how much work and effort are needed in order for an event of this landscape to go smoothly and successfully. Our contribution to WordPress-related events is very important for us as a team – we believe spreading the word and sharing insights is the best way for the entire community to grow and achieve better results so it was truly an honor.

Aside From Organizing, Vipe Studio Was One of the Sponsors of WordCamp Sofia 2023

Of course, such an event requires lots of support in terms of investments, merchandise and impeccable organization skills. Aside from the latter, Vipe Studio was proud to participate as a lanyard sponsor of the event with our logo and mascot hanging from everyone’s neck as entry badges.

Both I and our Tech Lead Ivan Viyachki gave our best in terms of organization, and my duty was to announce all speakers and make sure everyone was having a good time and enjoying the conference.

Events like this once again prove to me how lucky I am with my career choice – being part of a community driven by passion and love for what they do is perhaps the best thing that could happen to an individual who aims at a happy, fulfilled and successful professional life.

Stay tuned as Vipe Studio’s next stop is Athens where we’re attending the annual WordCamp Europe event. We can’t wait to see you there – soon we’ll share more exciting news so stay alert and subscribe!


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