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i was once an athlete. then a journalist. now i am a ceo of an iT company. still running marathons though.

Success Doesn’t Simply Come From Effort – Engagement and Commitment Matter Too


In today’s ever-dynamic world filled with professional opportunities and growth aspirations, we’re almost programmed into thinking that efforts are quickly followed by success. And while this is undoubtedly true (after all, hard work always pays off), I believe we often miss a rather important part of the whole success equation when it comes to professional development – the mindset of engagement and commitment.

Because think about it for a second – have you met a person who is truly over-qualified only to fall short in the fulfillment department? Usually, those people spend a great deal of their time wondering why the job they do doesn’t bring the expected satisfaction. So they keep on pushing and pushing, hitting milestone after milestone. It’s only later they actually realize their dissatisfaction doesn’t come from them not bringing enough effort to the table – rather, it’s a matter of whether they’re engaged and committed enough in what they do.

In today’s article, I’d like to focus your attention on just that – we may be exceptional professionals in a certain field of expertise, but if we lack true passion for what we do, can we really skyrocket our careers and get a taste of true satisfaction? Continue reading to find out.

It’s Always Been a Matter of Where Your Heart Belongs – Both in Life and Career

At some point during our soul-searching and career-picking, we might fall victim to circumstances or pressure from society. We are constantly hearing stories about individuals who have made it in their business niche and are now proudly picking the fruits from their efforts and elevated expertise.

So we aspire to follow – we talk to people, explore the business landscape, hear success stories and decide it’s time for us to buckle up and submerge ourselves into a competitive business field that promises financial success with us climbing the corporate ladder rather quickly. Or perhaps we decide to embark on a different kind of journey – we choose to launch our own business, mesmerized by other people’s success in the same niche, tempted by profit and long-awaited success to come into our life. But is our career of choice truly our calling?

If you don’t love what you do, if you don’t find meaning behind it and if it doesn’t inspire you constantly on a daily basis, then we can all safely assume that this endeavor of yours will have an expiration date. We spend a huge deal of our time working – that’s why it’s essential for us to truly enjoy the overall experience and feel satisfied and fulfilled. If we have no passion for our career, with time it can slowly push us to burnout – it’s then we actually begin reminiscing over our choices and embark on an entirely new path in life.

So That’s Why Engagement and Commitment Are So Crucial – They Are the Result of Being Passionate About Your Professional Aspirations

Once we manage to find what truly ignites our spark, engagement and commitment follow naturally – once we embrace this mindset, we witness quick success and fulfillment since nothing we do brings discomfort and mental distress.

When we’re enjoying what we do, so many benefits follow. Here are just a few examples:

  • we are way more productive – since we enjoy every step of the process, we stop seeing work as tedious tasks; instead, we are full of energy and can’t wait to put a checkmark on yet another to-do list;
  • ideas come easier – being committed oftentimes is connected to being inspired and we all know that inspiration is perhaps the biggest trigger of ideas out there. The more ideas we have and implement into reality, the faster our careers would move and develop.
  • we’re prone to solve problems quicker and more efficiently – when we’re passionate about what we do, we oftentimes witness problems and obstacles as opportunities to grow and learn from experience simply because we care deeply and want to get better and better.
  • engagement and commitment make us better employees/leaders – when we are committed to our work, we try our best to achieve great results because it’s not just our salary or profit that motivates us.
  • we’re more open to networking and communicating with fellow peers – that’s because we’re expressing genuine interest in the field of expertise and want to learn from other professionals’ experiences.

As we can see, being engaged and committed has the power to transform our whole mindset and set us apart from all individuals who feel stuck at jobs that fail to inspire them. My advice? Don’t fall for trends and people persuading you what career would match your character best. Instead, try out different things, listen to your intuition and discover what you’re truly good at. Don’t fall for less. Aim at success and satisfaction.


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