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On Team Activity – How to Make an Impact So That Your Employees Get Engaged

Team Activity

Here’s a peculiar phenomenon – in the business world of entrepreneurs and thought leaders, there are still individuals who believe leading a successful enterprise revolves around a single person. But what is indeed a CEO without their fellow teams of expert employees? In today’s article, we’re about to tackle the topic of team activity.

Sooner or later aspiring entrepreneurs (I’m not judging – we’ve all started somewhere and got tons to learn) realize that it’s in fact the employees that shape the heart of any enterprise. Of course, it’s the CEO that has come up with the main agenda, business goal and overall mission; they might have even thought things through in terms of execution and thorough planning; but, at the end of the day, it’s the workforce that gets all things done and helps everyone move forward. 

That said, I believe one of the most important missions any entrepreneur should put on their to-do list (and never take it out from there) is figuring out how to spark the team activity in the long run. It’s through mutual dedication and top-notch engagement that any business manages to outgrow obstacles and problematic situations and figure out fruitful ways to scale and develop even further.

So without any further ado, let’s get going.

It’s Clear Team Activity Is Crucial – But Why Does It Sometimes Seem to Fade?

team activity

I bet soon after a business’s establishment, CEOs and entrepreneurs quickly realize the importance of a team – the creative power it brings to the table is something a single person can never even think of crafting for themselves. 

As the enterprise’s development and growth progress, so do the clients’ queries and demands – so it’s only natural for a team to be gathered and summoned when it comes to executing all the upcoming tasks and projects. It’s a no-brainer really – no developing enterprise can truly succeed without dedicated professionals who are experts in their field. But the keyword here? Dedicated.

What truly requires extra effort, thoughtfulness and impeccable soft skills is the entrepreneur’s ability to keep everybody on board in terms of engagement, dedication and love for the process in its entirety. Because truly – we all spend a lot of our time working so it’s really important to enjoy what we do. And not just because that’s crucial for everyone’s well-being (which, by all means, is) – dedication to the work process also results in better outcomes, easily achieved milestones and proper planning for the development ahead. So regardless of the niche, your business is situated in, your first and foremost concern should be how to keep everyone’s interest and dedication at a top level at all times.

What Happens When Suddenly People Start Feeling Dissociated From Their Day-to-Day Work

We all get it – day-to-day work can be tough. It would be rather naive for us to think that the team in its entirety would always give their best, every moment of every day. We all have moments when we can’t live up to everyone’s standards, including our own – what’s important is to keep the bigger picture in mind.

Work satisfaction and success are heavily intertwined with dedication and engagement – once we lose sight of our purpose, things could easily go downhill from there. When we lose motivation and a sense of purpose, the dedication we once had for our job seems to be diminishing day after day. Essentially, a plethora of consequences follow.

Since work dedication is heavily connected to having a passion for the work we do, once we begin to lose our purpose our work performance starts to suffer. Once diligent workers, now we are faced with tedious tasks and the need to find our purpose again if we want to excel at what we do.

But when the employees fall short of dedication and engagement, the business suffers tremendous losses as well. The teams fail at contributing to the projects effectively, often miss their deadlines, make plenty of mistakes or even choose to quit their job for good due to burnout and overall dissatisfaction. Essentially, this leads to business losses, disappointed clients and decreased profit. So we easily see how employee dedication (or lack of, for what it’s worth), impacts the whole ecosystem of the enterprise. 

Team Activity Should Be Something You Continuously Work On

From an entrepreneurial point of you, taking your team’s dedication and motivation for granted is perhaps the biggest mistake you could do. As things change work-wise, so can people’s sense of purpose and engagement. That’s why it’s essential for managers and CEOs to always pay attention to how their employees are feeling and how can they further elevate their sense of belonging and passion.

Consistency and impeccable people skills are the keys here – as a CEO, you should be able to always read your employees’ moods, aspirations, and overall desire to participate in various types of activities. It’s a long-term process – once you notice something feels off and your team is not as dedicated as it once used to be, don’t rush into anger and frustration. Rather, think about the possible reasons behind this change of heart and go the extra mile in terms of shifting people’s perspectives.

4 Useful Strategies for Getting Your Employees Back On Track – Increasing the Team Activity

Once we’ve managed to cover just how important it is to have your team dedicated and engaged, now it’s time to explore some strategies that can get you there once the spark seems to have faded. 

What’s important for you to realize is that this is, by all means, a reversible process – you don’t need to get discouraged and believe there’s no going back. The truth be told, oftentimes people need just a little push – and when you’ve managed to discover the proper approach, everything will go according to plan in no time.

Give People Back The Sense of Purpose

Many CEOs believe that all people need to do is show up on time and do their job the best way possible regardless of how they feel. That is simply not true – how well we do our job is heavily intertwined with how we feel about it.

Giving the employees a sense of purpose is perhaps the strongest trigger when it comes to enticing their dedication and engagement. When people believe what they do is worthy and they are serving a crucial part of something worth participating in then their whole perspective shifts and fuels their work motivation. Focusing on the business’s mission and the team’s participation in all of this is perhaps the most important shortcut to their lost dedication and sense of purpose.

Remind People of Their Important Role

Another way to retain people’s dedication is to remind them how important they truly are for the business’s success and well-being. This serves as an incredible mood and motivation booster and soon you’ll witness a whole other level of engagement and dedication. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is letting their employees feel unimportant as if their presence or absence would make absolutely no difference. Of course, that’s not true – as long as you make sure everyone realizes their importance, you’d witness teamwork and team spirit.

Take a Moment to Praise People’s Efforts

Taking someone’s good work for granted is a trap every entrepreneur could fall into at some point. We are oftentimes prone to pointing out people’s mistakes but tend to turn a blind eye each time people do something good just because it’s expected. However, this attitude could quickly lead your employees to decreased motivation and lack of sense of purpose – every now and then, make sure you show your acknowledgment to people and praise their efforts. This would truly make all the difference.

Encourage Them to Speak Out

When people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings and opinions, this further elevates the sense of trust and strengthens the professional relationship. Furthermore, this elevates their sense of purpose and dedication simply because they feel heard and treasured. So encouraging the team to participate in open and honest discussions is yet another strategy that could help any entrepreneur keep their employees on track.

I hope we’ve all managed to realize the importance of team activity and people’s dedication while working. Being good at what you do doesn’t end with being a meticulous doer and problem-solving – it also requires love for the entire process and engagement that will certainly lead to outstanding results.


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