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What Happens When We Fall Victims to Information Overload: A Leader’s Take

Don’t you think we live in both amazing and peculiar times? On the one hand, we have all the information we could possibly wish for at the palm of our hand; on the other, we oftentimes could get so entangled in excess data and overstimulation that information overload is right behind the corner.

So while today’s topic is going to reflect information overload, let me tell you right from the start what I’ve discovered to be the solution, at least for me: It’s all about balance! 

Information of all kinds and types is truly mesmerizing. It has the power to educate you, give you a brand new perspective on things, and help you master a craft, a job or a hobby – it can virtually create a whole other world in front of your eyes and for that, it’s extremely valuable. When we come to think about it, we owe our development and growth to both curiosity and information. So could information actually become a stress factor in our day-to-day life and how can this affect our overall performance?

People Nowadays Are More Susceptible to Information Overload More Than Ever

information overload

Information is everywhere really – the moment we wake up and grab our phone, we’re already submerged in a sea of information ready to be consumed.

It’s wonderful really – we no longer need to stay oblivious when it comes to subjects that spark our interest. All we need to do is decide upon what we want to learn – and the whole information is waiting there at our disposal.

Thanks to information people have the chance to educate themselves on a plethora of subjects – be it professional aspirations, hobbies, self-development and growth, you name it. In my position as a leader and a CEO, I find all sorts of information valuable – when it comes to leveling up my game in all WordPress-related topics, I reach out and constantly try to upgrade my skills and expertise. Web development is incredibly dynamic so learning constantly and gathering more information daily is crucial in the long-term.

Outside of WordPress, I also focus deeply on leadership and management – being surrounded by my employees is both rewarding and challenging. Through continuous development and upgrading of my management skills, I succeed in becoming a better leader! Or at least I very much hope so.

Valuable information is everywhere really – and while it’s always there to be discovered, obtained and mastered, at some point, we could get so overwhelmed by it that it might start having all sorts of negative effects on our minds.

How to Tell We’ve Stumbled Upon Information Overload

Information is everywhere really – and it’s truly easy for anyone to fall victim to exposure to too much stimuli.

Be it social media, news, or other types of media, even overworking could pose a threat – there’s a fine line between staying informed and overloading your brain with tons of needless information. The symptoms we face when we reach our information threshold are no different than experiencing burnout:

  • We may witness a drop in our mood and energy levels – when our brain is overstimulated with even the smallest of things, our mood could get worse for a prolonged period of time mainly because we won’t be able to get our much-needed rest. Hence, we’d suffer from low energy throughout the day.
  • Our productivity levels will drop too – being tired and overwhelmed subconsciously are both very good reasons for decreased productivity and decision-making. Essentially, this has the potential to worsen our work performance.
  • High-blood pressure and a plethora of physical symptoms – feeling stressed out and sleep-deprived will certainly affect your body and how you feel physically;
  • You may also find it incredibly hard to stay away from your phone and social media – the more entangled we get with information, the more difficult is for us to take a second and make a step back;
  • At some point on, you may find it hard to receive more information on important topics – as if your brain is telling you it needs a break and is not able to take it anymore; 

What To Do When We Feel Overwhelmed

  • Set limits for yourself – dedicate a period of the day when you’re going to relax and take a step back from information overload; leave your phone, mute your notification and indulge in an activity that doesn’t require staring at screens, listening to the news or learning newer and newer pieces of information;
  • Learn to say “No” – oftentimes we can overload by merely participating in conversations or communicating too much; setting boundaries and learning to say “no” when you need a break is an incredibly good idea and will ultimately improve your overall well-being;
  • Prioritize – it may be tempting to do multiple things at once, but usually, this is a recipe for burnout; instead, learn to prioritize – when you are at work, focus on work-related duties; when you are at home, try to relax and unwind as much as possible;
  • At least an hour before bed, get rid of your mobile device – artificial light and constant information feed still manage to keep us alert and overwhelmed;

While information is an incredible way for us to constantly develop, evolve and grow, it also could become overwhelming and tiring at some point. Taking care of your physical and mental health is essential – let’s make the most of it.


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