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CEO of Vipe Studio | featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

CEO of Vipe Studio | featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

Boosting Your Entrepreneurial Communication Is Key – Here’s How

For many people out there, working hard and engaging in constant hustling is the only thing you need to do in order to achieve your goals and succeed. We are living in a world that definitely praises productivity and people’s never-ending attempts in doing more for less time. What we often forget, however, is the […]

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Posted on: 01/18/23; Last updated on: 01/18/23;

How Can Mindfulness in Business Benefit Your Career? Discussing 3 Effective Practices

See, I came to the realization that I find multitasking to be quite unproductive, as bizarre as it may sound. We live in a culture that proclaims the person’s ability to multitask as a sacred ritual that leads us to success and prosperity. However, what it successfully manages to do is distance ourselves from mindfulness. […]

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Posted on: 01/11/23; Last updated on: 01/11/23;

Inventing the Proper Business Mindset in 2023 – I Share 6 Useful Strategies

The New Year kicked right in, welcoming us all in the next twelve months of opportunities! I doubt anyone would come up with anything more inspirational than this. With facing an entire new year of possible prospects and possibilities, perhaps many people direct their attention toward inventing a certain business mindset. Establishing and nurturing a […]

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Posted on: 01/05/23; Last updated on: 01/06/23;

The 4 Pillars of Communication You Need To Master as a CEO

Communication is key when it comes to owning a business – as a CEO, you should definitely know a thing or two. The truth is that the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have much experience when it comes to their future business endeavors. Usually, they are people full of ideas who desperately want to see […]

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Posted on: 11/18/22; Last updated on: 11/18/22;

Facing Difficulties In Entrepreneurship: Strategies On How To Stay On the Right Track

Whoever thinks owning a business is always smooth sailing, think twice – difficulties in entrepreneurship peak behind every corner and we need to be prepared. The moment a person decides it’s about time they engage with establishing a business, various types of emotions kick right in. At first, we feel the excitement and visualize great […]

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Posted on: 11/14/22; Last updated on: 11/14/22;

Let’s Discuss Project Management Pt.3: Lean Methodology

The Lean methodology is all about adding value and getting rid of waste. During the last couple of weeks, I wrote two articles that focused entirely on two major project management methodologies. The first one had to do with the infamous Waterfall method that is still widely used in many companies and in many instances. […]

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Posted on: 07/28/22; Last updated on: 07/28/22;

Here’s How To Handle Negative Feedback as a Company Representative

Do you think your company would never receive negative feedback? Think again! We’ve discussed by far a lot of things when it comes to building and maintaining a business – from the very first steps toward executing the plan to the way we should react to customers’ requests and queries. Of course, owning a business […]

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Posted on: 07/13/22; Last updated on: 07/13/22;

This Is How You Are Not Supposed To Lead an Interview

Let’s have a moment to discuss the process of hiring new employees – in an interview, what are some of the worst behaviors candidates could come across? Numerous times I’ve talked about one of the key factors when it comes to business development. Other than hard work, great marketing, and outstanding customer service, we all […]

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Posted on: 07/07/22; Last updated on: 07/07/22;

The Way You Deal With Conflicts Is Actually Crucial To Your Professional Development

When we think about professional development, we often name success, hard work, or profit – but what about our ability to deal with conflicts? At the very beginning of my entrepreneurial career, I was entirely focused on those. I thought that professional development had to do solely with hard work, durability, networking, hustling, and all […]

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Posted on: 07/05/22; Last updated on: 07/05/22;

Tips On Handling Employees’ Opinions and Points of View

Let’s discuss why it’s so important for you to listen to your employees’ opinions and points of view. But like, really listen. All right, here’s the thing – I honestly believe the business world would be a much better place if we all just communicate better and listen to each other. And this doesn’t only […]

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Posted on: 06/29/22; Last updated on: 06/29/22;

4 Tips on Decreasing Workplace Stress We All Need to Implement

Workplace-related stress is definitely a thing and we should all do whatever it takes to address it properly. Recently I wrote about increasing the positive work atmosphere at the office since this is a crucial element for maintaining a team with happy and fulfilled customers. Today I decided to look at things from the other […]

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Posted on: 06/24/22; Last updated on: 06/24/22;

7 Business Hacks You Should Implement Right Away

Even though establishing a business is a great deal, the following steps are not less important at all – let’s discuss some business hacks that might be useful! If you are reading this, then perhaps you’ve already built a business (or intensively planning to do so). Congratulations! I promise you you’ll experience amazing emotions accompanied […]

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Posted on: 06/21/22; Last updated on: 06/21/22;

Outside Of Products And Services Presentation, Testimonials Are Another Important Asset For Your Customers

Don’t forget to include some customers’ testimonials somewhere on your business website Once you’ve successfully managed to establish a business, it’s only natural (if not mandatory) for you to think of all the other ways you can continue distributing your services. Because the reality is this – even if you have impeccable products and services […]

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Posted on: 06/16/22; Last updated on: 06/16/22;

4 Things I Learned About Leadership From My Reading Habits

A peculiar, yet mesmerizing thought – you can easily learn about leadership from pretty much every aspect of life. If that’s not to die for! I often observe the following phenomenon – an aspiring leader instantly becomes blind to every other aspect of life outside leadership and management. As if one thinks that they have […]

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Posted on: 06/15/22; Last updated on: 06/15/22;

How To Handle Introverts In Team Management? Here Are 5 Tips

Sure, we all live in an extrovert-oriented world, but introverts still make up a significant percentage of the human population. If you are a team leader, a manager, or a CEO, you most definitely have to communicate with your team members on a daily basis. Be it work matters or discussing more personal topics, conversations, […]

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Posted on: 06/02/22; Last updated on: 06/02/22;

Journalism Taught Me Critical Thinking – Here Is How I Use It in Leadership

Do you know what’s common between a good leader and a good journalist? Their ability to express critical thinking when necessary. Little did I know back in the days that in university I’ll be able to build the fundaments of my future leadership career. Before entering my journalism courses, I thought I’ll learn how to […]

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Posted on: 05/31/22; Last updated on: 05/31/22;

Are You Sure You’ve Implemented The Best Leadership Approach? Ask The Team!

Thoughts on leadership styles and how to know whether you’ve chosen the right one not only for your preferences but also to your employees’ liking. Just recently I’ve written an article on Medium whose topic had to do with two of the most widely used leadership approaches – transactional and transformational. It did quite well […]

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Posted on: 05/27/22; Last updated on: 05/27/22;

14 Interpersonal Skills That Will Come In Handy In Establishing a Business

Sure, it’s definitely a wise choice to read all about business and entrepreneurship, but some interpersonal skills are just way too important to be overlooked If you have gathered the strength needed to just wake up one day and state that you are ready to make your first business steps, then kudos to you. What […]

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Posted on: 05/17/22; Last updated on: 05/17/22;

Handling Clients’ Queries – How to Nail Business Communication

Knowing how to talk to clients is a must skill – let’s dive into the world of proper business communication If someone asks you to go several years back in time and remember what your expectations of entrepreneurship were, perhaps you’d mention lots of work, attending events, taking business trips, and managing your team’s tasks […]

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Posted on: 05/13/22; Last updated on: 05/13/22;

As An Entrepreneur, Do You Feel You Live In a State of Constant Stress Lately? (And What You Should Do About It)

If there’s one thing that’s certain when we refer to entrepreneurship, that’s stress, essentially I sincerely believe that any entrepreneur out there will openly admit they felt stressed out at least several times while executing various business duties and tasks. Things couldn’t be any different from that – when in charge of a business or […]

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Posted on: 05/11/22; Last updated on: 05/11/22;

Successful Business Equals Quality Content – 9 Tips On Maintaining a Killer Professional Blog

Blogging is not just meant for bloggers – successful businesses use the power of a professional blog too During the very first years of existence of my web development company, I was completely sure that I wanted my team and me to maintain a professional blog. See, throughout the years I’ve met people who thoughts […]

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Posted on: 05/04/22; Last updated on: 05/04/22;

Leading Seminars – I Share 8 Crucial Benefits

It comes as no surprise that a huge part of the entrepreneur’s life sometimes is public speaking events – today let’s discuss seminars Public speaking is by no means easy. In reality, there are millions of people who absolutely dread the idea of showing up in front of a crowd. I’m sure you’re well aware […]

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Posted on: 04/21/22; Last updated on: 04/21/22;

In Leadership, Empathy Is In the Top 3 Soft Skills

Today we take on a slightly different approach when it comes to leadership – once we’ve mastered the hard skills, it’s time we focus on the soft ones as well. I assume I have the confidence to talk about leadership – throughout the years I’ve managed to gather quite some experience in leading teams. Whether […]

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Posted on: 04/15/22; Last updated on: 04/15/22;

Let’s Talk Business – Core Beliefs That You Should Ban From Your Mind

Life ain’t simply a Hollywood rom-com – business requires daily grinding Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie that claims that starting a business is the easiest and most natural thing on Planet Earth? You know how it goes: you woke up with a dazzling entrepreneurial idea in your mind. By lunch, you’ve already hired […]

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Posted on: 04/13/22; Last updated on: 04/13/22;

Team management in a nutshell – the boss, the leader, the friend

Today we discuss the three quintessential parts that make a team management leader a successful one Truth be told, one of the most challenging endeavors that lay ahead in an entrepreneur’s business duties is the proper management of their team. Without a well-built and successful team hardly any company can prosper and grow. With this […]

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Posted on: 04/08/22; Last updated on: 04/08/22;

Failing At Least Once Is a Must – 4 Ways to Beat Failure and Nail It the Next Time Around

Today we are talking about endurance, fear of failure, and tips and tricks for overcoming discouragement I remember once I overheard a conversation at the nearest table in a coffee shop. People were discussing business and aspiring entrepreneurial ideas. They were quite excited and eager to go into detail about their future company’s visuals, motto, […]

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Posted on: 03/31/22; Last updated on: 03/31/22;

7 Public Speaking Techniques to Help You Attend Events Like a Pro

I doubt there is anyone out there not dreading the idea of public speaking – let’s make most of it from the experience The life of an entrepreneur or a specialist in some field often goes along with events, participating in meetings and seminars. More often than not, one might have the chance to attend […]

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Posted on: 03/30/22; Last updated on: 03/30/22;