How Different Personality Types Affect the Workplace Environment: A Leader’s Take

Successful leaders know that leadership goes way beyond proper task distribution and work delegation. Of course, navigating effortlessly through the multitude of projects is essential –...


Last Updated On: 15/09/23

workplace culture


Creating a Positive Workplace Culture in Leadership: The Best Principles

The great majority of us usually spend 8 hours a day submerged in work – and that’s a lot! Aside from resting hours and sleeping, it’s our work life that contributes to the way we perceive...


Last Updated On: 13/09/23


Growth Mindset in Leadership: Why Is It Important and How to Nurture It

Leadership is a topic many people find quite intriguing and important – after all, it has the potential to shape one’s entire career and truly add up to one’s success in professional...


Last Updated On: 08/09/23


5 Key Components of Truly Successful Leadership

We all know leadership is important – there’s no doubt about that! Managers and mentors all over the world constantly strive for success and growth – their dedication is pivotal not...


Last Updated On: 25/08/23


The 4-Step Plan That Would Make You Better at Assigning Tasks

Among the numerous duties and responsibilities a leader has when managing their team and business projects, one oftentimes requires extra attention and precision – I’m referring to the art of...


Last Updated On: 04/08/23


Could It Be Groupthink? Thoughts On a Rather Frequent Leadership Trap

Among the numerous aspects of management and leadership approaches, what has just recently caught my attention was the topic of groupthink – as I went deeper and deeper into the subject of this...


Last Updated On: 27/07/23


On Team-Building and Its Potential to Make Your Business More Profitable

Ask any aspiring entrepreneur out there and they would probably tell you they seek ways on a daily basis to further scale their business and make it more profitable. And while acquiring leadership...


Last Updated On: 16/06/23

positive reinforcement


Positive Reinforcement in Leadership: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Ask any employee you know and I bet they’d tell you there are mainly two types of bosses: the ones that rely on keeping you at the edge of your seat always awaiting the next punishment and the ones...


Last Updated On: 19/04/23

business communication





The 4 Pillars of Communication You Need To Master as a CEO

Communication is key when it comes to owning a business – as a CEO, you should definitely know a thing or two. The truth is that the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have much...


Last Updated On: 18/11/22

agitation in business



Leadership Tips: How To Stay Calm When Agitation Arises?

No one’s immune to agitation at some point during their leadership – let’s discuss how to tame the discontent. Some time ago I’ve discussed the topic of conflict resolution....


Last Updated On: 09/11/22

theory of leadership


Theory of Leadership – Discussing The 4(+1) Most Popular Ones

A theory of leadership sums up all the skills, traits, and interpersonal characteristics a person has or can develop to become a truly successful leader. We’ve all heard about successful...


Last Updated On: 14/10/22