Stepping Into the Management Role for the First Time? Here Are 6 Possible Obstacles

For some of us climbing the professional ladder and entering the world of management is a dream come true – after acquiring all the skills and spending enough time crafting our expertise, the...


Last Updated On: 10/08/23


On Internal Talent: How to Help Your Employees Become Better Professionals

What’s one thing that brings horror to a leader’s mind? Labor shortage! In this day and age when projects are accumulating and fewer and fewer candidates apply for job positions, it’s...


Last Updated On: 08/08/23


Your 6 Go-To Techniques for Successful Employee Onboarding

Just recently I covered the topic of employee turnover – if you are a manager or a leader, then the subject would definitely be of interest. The article got me thinking – I had to list...


Last Updated On: 25/07/23

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Employee Turnover: Thoughts on Leadership and Team Management

When you start building stamina for your future business and leadership endeavors, you assume you’ve got it all figured out: You have a year-long investment plan, a great marketing campaign for the...


Last Updated On: 10/07/23


On Employee Feedback: Entrepreneurs Need to Listen Too

The thing I like the most about my Forbes Councils participation is the chance to witness a plethora of opinions, expertise and experiences. Frequently, in our expert panels, we have the opportunity...


Last Updated On: 27/06/23


On Micromanagement: Pros and Cons of a Rather Controversial (?) Leadership Method

There’s undoubtedly a long list of management methods – managers from different kinds of establishments have the opportunity to create their own approaches and check which ones prove to be...


Last Updated On: 20/06/23


Going Down the Rabbit Hole: Performance Punishment and Its Consequences

Have you heard of performance punishment? At first, this term may sound rather counterintuitive – how can performance, which is oftentimes considered a synonym for growth and development, be...


Last Updated On: 09/06/23

Team Activity


On Team Activity – How to Make an Impact So That Your Employees Get Engaged

Here’s a peculiar phenomenon – in the business world of entrepreneurs and thought leaders, there are still individuals who believe leading a successful enterprise revolves around a single...


Last Updated On: 06/06/23


Team Management in the Context of Business Growth

Today I’ve decided it’s time to discuss a rather exciting topic – after all, business growth is what all entrepreneurs aim at. Ask anyone who has ever expressed interest in running their...


Last Updated On: 16/05/23


4 Common Obstacles First-Time Managers Often Stumble Upon + How to Overcome Them

Ask any employee and probably the great majority of them would answer they dream of climbing the professional ladder at the company they are working for. Call it a desire to grow, love for what they...


Last Updated On: 04/05/23


Make Sure Your Employees Have a Blast at the Office – Here Are 5 Ways to Elevate Employee Experience

Regardless of how well your projects are going and how well the company is developing business-wise, there’s always another topic of importance you should never lose of sight. Of course, I’m...


Last Updated On: 02/05/23

team management


4 Insights That Will Make You Better at Team Management

In business, one thing’s certain – at some point, you’ll absolutely have to get better at team management! If you nail your business planning processes, chances are your enterprise would...


Last Updated On: 29/03/23

hybrid office


A CEO’s Take on the Dynamic Hybrid Office Setting: Tips for Employee Management

In the last several years the way we work in terms of environment, schedules and setting has changed tremendously – after the pandemic, a great majority of businesses opted for remote work as their...


Last Updated On: 19/04/23



The Ever-So-Important Balance Between Delegating and Micromanagement

There comes a time in business development when employees are needed – once this moment arrives, you can be certain that your company is headed in the right direction. The fact that you need to...


Last Updated On: 19/04/23


Discussing 4 Toxic Behavioral Traits in Business Setting and How to Deal With Them

Don’t you sometimes believe that toxicity is everywhere? We are witnessing it in our intimate relationships, our friendships, and between family members and more often than not we are the ones to...


Last Updated On: 19/04/23



Here Are 4 Things Your Employees Have Been Dying to Tell You

What makes a successful business? Perhaps the big majority of aspiring entrepreneurs would point out investments, business plans, outstanding marketing strategies and getting ahead of the...


Last Updated On: 06/03/23

one-on-one meetings


A Few Important Aspects of the One-On-One Meetings

Perhaps you think you know all about one-on-one meetings, but it never hurts to dig deeper into the subject. In today’s business and work culture, communication and professional relationships...


Last Updated On: 02/12/22