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CEO of Vipe Studio | featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

CEO of Vipe Studio | featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Hubspot

I was once an athlete. Then a journalist. Now I am a CEO of an IT company. Still running marathons though.

How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going For You?

Here Are 4 Useful Strategies to Make New Year’s resolutions stick. Ah, New Year’s. It’s this magnificent time of the year when everyone is hyped up and looking straight into the future with eyes full of hope and belief everything would turn out just fine for them for the next twelve months. Hence, we indulge […]

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Posted on: 01/09/23; Last updated on: 01/09/23;

Facing Difficulties In Entrepreneurship: Strategies On How To Stay On the Right Track

Whoever thinks owning a business is always smooth sailing, think twice – difficulties in entrepreneurship peak behind every corner and we need to be prepared. The moment a person decides it’s about time they engage with establishing a business, various types of emotions kick right in. At first, we feel the excitement and visualize great […]

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Posted on: 11/14/22; Last updated on: 11/14/22;

How Building Habits Can Help You Establish a New Mindset

On the power of habits – why implementing small changes can actually transform your life for the better? Perhaps many of you have heard plenty of success stories that deal with people having an extraordinary mindset that allowed them to go places in terms of their personal and professional development. So here we are, back […]

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Posted on: 11/02/22; Last updated on: 11/02/22;

Elevate Your Motivation in 3 Easy Steps

We live in a world where we’re constantly surrounded by thoughts about motivation – let’s discover how to reach it on a daily basis. What comes to mind whenever we think about motivation? Usually, it has to do with success, leveling up, development and growth. Essentially, in today’s work climate, we ultimately relate motivation to […]

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Posted on: 10/26/22; Last updated on: 10/26/22;

6 Soft Skills That Are Undervalued When It Comes to Entrepreneurship

In today’s article, we’ll go beyond what’s obvious and will discuss 6 additional soft skills that you’ll find incredibly useful in entrepreneurship. Numerous times before I’ve discussed the importance of having soft skills. In fact, I truly believe they are more quintessential for success than any hard skill, merely because mastering a hard skill is […]

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Posted on: 09/16/22; Last updated on: 09/16/22;

These 4 Types of Communication Are Actually Crucial for Your Professional Development

Do you know that there are certain types of communication that you really need to pay attention to? Everybody wants to be successful at what they do. Be it a career, personal development, sports, relationships, you name it – we seek success and aim to achieve more and more in life. Regarding professional development, we […]

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Posted on: 09/08/22; Last updated on: 09/08/22;

Climbing That Career Ladder: 4 Tips On How to Elevate Your Professional Experience

Is the thought of climbing that career ladder sound interesting to you? In this day and age, we often come across discussions that deal with our professional lives and our desire to keep moving forward. Now, more than ever, overall happiness includes feeling satisfied when it comes to your job. I’m not saying that people […]

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Posted on: 08/30/22; Last updated on: 08/30/22;

8 Frequent Yet Highly Ineffective Habits You Should Stop Right Away

In today’s article, I want to bring your attention on 8 ineffective habits that actually doom your productivity. If you’re a frequent reader, then perhaps you already know that I’m a big fan of reminiscing about what is not to be done. I mean, sure – we usually read all kinds of advice that teach […]

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Posted on: 08/24/22; Last updated on: 08/24/22;

Yet Another Useful Productivity Technique

In this day and age, we are all about being productive – let’s discuss yet another productivity technique that may actually do the work. The last time I wrote about productivity was, essentially, the time I felt my productivity at its peak. It’s funny how we choose the subjects that are the most relatable to […]

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Posted on: 08/17/22; Last updated on: 08/17/22;

There’s a Single Soft Skill That Often Goes Under the Radar – Let’s Discuss Consistency

Consistency is among the hardest skills to be obtained mainly because it doesn’t provide us with immediate rewards. If you have to describe today’s world, what words would you choose? Perhaps fast-paced, dynamic, overwhelming, exciting, filled with never-ending opportunities? Irrespective of how long this list may end up, I’m sure somewhere we’ll stumble upon the […]

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Posted on: 08/04/22; Last updated on: 08/04/22;

Motivation Is Key to Success – But How Can We Sustain It?

Everyone says it’s due to a lack of motivation when a person doesn’t succeed – but how exactly can motivation be sustained? Probably you’ve heard many times before that having the proper mindset and motivation are the necessary keys in order for you to achieve success. Sure enough, we live in a world where we […]

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Posted on: 08/02/22; Last updated on: 08/02/22;

Oftentimes We Talk About Our Morning Plans – What About the Evening Routine?

Any entrepreneur would tell you just how important your evening routine is – let’s discuss some tips on improving it. You probably know how a typical day at the office goes – there are tons of emails, tasks, and duties that are patiently (or not so much) waiting to be read, assigned or executed. It’s […]

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Posted on: 07/26/22; Last updated on: 07/26/22;

The Way You Deal With Conflicts Is Actually Crucial To Your Professional Development

When we think about professional development, we often name success, hard work, or profit – but what about our ability to deal with conflicts? At the very beginning of my entrepreneurial career, I was entirely focused on those. I thought that professional development had to do solely with hard work, durability, networking, hustling, and all […]

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Posted on: 07/05/22; Last updated on: 07/05/22;

June Recap: WordCamp 2022 and What’s New With Vipe Studio

As the month ended, I got influenced by the New Year’s resolutions trends as I wrapped my head around this June Recap. Another month has passed by! At the start of the summer season, I felt the inner need to look closely at how these last 30 days have gone – I’ve always found recaps […]

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Posted on: 07/01/22; Last updated on: 07/01/22;

4 Things I Learned About Leadership From My Reading Habits

A peculiar, yet mesmerizing thought – you can easily learn about leadership from pretty much every aspect of life. If that’s not to die for! I often observe the following phenomenon – an aspiring leader instantly becomes blind to every other aspect of life outside leadership and management. As if one thinks that they have […]

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Posted on: 06/15/22; Last updated on: 06/15/22;

Are You Sure You’ve Implemented The Best Leadership Approach? Ask The Team!

Thoughts on leadership styles and how to know whether you’ve chosen the right one not only for your preferences but also to your employees’ liking. Just recently I’ve written an article on Medium whose topic had to do with two of the most widely used leadership approaches – transactional and transformational. It did quite well […]

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Posted on: 05/27/22; Last updated on: 05/27/22;

14 Interpersonal Skills That Will Come In Handy In Establishing a Business

Sure, it’s definitely a wise choice to read all about business and entrepreneurship, but some interpersonal skills are just way too important to be overlooked If you have gathered the strength needed to just wake up one day and state that you are ready to make your first business steps, then kudos to you. What […]

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Posted on: 05/17/22; Last updated on: 05/17/22;

Handling Clients’ Queries – How to Nail Business Communication

Knowing how to talk to clients is a must skill – let’s dive into the world of proper business communication If someone asks you to go several years back in time and remember what your expectations of entrepreneurship were, perhaps you’d mention lots of work, attending events, taking business trips, and managing your team’s tasks […]

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Posted on: 05/13/22; Last updated on: 05/13/22;

As An Entrepreneur, Do You Feel You Live In a State of Constant Stress Lately? (And What You Should Do About It)

If there’s one thing that’s certain when we refer to entrepreneurship, that’s stress, essentially I sincerely believe that any entrepreneur out there will openly admit they felt stressed out at least several times while executing various business duties and tasks. Things couldn’t be any different from that – when in charge of a business or […]

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Posted on: 05/11/22; Last updated on: 05/11/22;

If I Were An Employee, I Would Definitely Leave My Job For These 11 Reasons

No one should stay at a job that makes them miserable – let’s discuss some of the biggest no-nos every employee should have in mind Perhaps some of you might say: “It’s easy for him to speak, after all, he is no longer an employee!” But the key part here is “no longer”. Sure, as […]

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Posted on: 04/28/22; Last updated on: 04/28/22;

Leading Seminars – I Share 8 Crucial Benefits

It comes as no surprise that a huge part of the entrepreneur’s life sometimes is public speaking events – today let’s discuss seminars Public speaking is by no means easy. In reality, there are millions of people who absolutely dread the idea of showing up in front of a crowd. I’m sure you’re well aware […]

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Posted on: 04/21/22; Last updated on: 04/21/22;

I Monitor My Work Habits For a Month - Here Is What I Learned

Did you know that cracking a joke in the office can lead you to a problem-solving solution? The majority of people are creatures of habit and I’m no exception. I’ve always found it incredibly useful to monitor a person’s habit — the frequency and the way they execute it and implement it in their day-to-day can often […]

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Posted on: 04/19/22; Last updated on: 04/19/22;

In Leadership, Empathy Is In the Top 3 Soft Skills

Today we take on a slightly different approach when it comes to leadership – once we’ve mastered the hard skills, it’s time we focus on the soft ones as well. I assume I have the confidence to talk about leadership – throughout the years I’ve managed to gather quite some experience in leading teams. Whether […]

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Posted on: 04/15/22; Last updated on: 04/15/22;

Let’s Talk Business – Core Beliefs That You Should Ban From Your Mind

Life ain’t simply a Hollywood rom-com – business requires daily grinding Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie that claims that starting a business is the easiest and most natural thing on Planet Earth? You know how it goes: you woke up with a dazzling entrepreneurial idea in your mind. By lunch, you’ve already hired […]

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Posted on: 04/13/22; Last updated on: 04/13/22;

28 Daily Hacks for Boosting Productivity

Certainly, we all can benefit from enhancing our productivity on a daily basis – I share with you 28 hacks that work wonders. Here is the thing – I’m sure we all can benefit from 36 hours daily at our disposal. But until we witness those time-changing events, we certainly have to adjust what we […]

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Posted on: 04/06/22; Last updated on: 04/06/22;

Failing At Least Once Is a Must – 4 Ways to Beat Failure and Nail It the Next Time Around

Today we are talking about endurance, fear of failure, and tips and tricks for overcoming discouragement I remember once I overheard a conversation at the nearest table in a coffee shop. People were discussing business and aspiring entrepreneurial ideas. They were quite excited and eager to go into detail about their future company’s visuals, motto, […]

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Posted on: 03/31/22; Last updated on: 03/31/22;

7 Public Speaking Techniques to Help You Attend Events Like a Pro

I doubt there is anyone out there not dreading the idea of public speaking – let’s make most of it from the experience The life of an entrepreneur or a specialist in some field often goes along with events, participating in meetings and seminars. More often than not, one might have the chance to attend […]

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Posted on: 03/30/22; Last updated on: 03/30/22;