Why Do Most Businesses Fail? My Take as a Company CEO

To all business owners — most of the time, it’s a matter of how you plan rather than what you do Image by Trang Le from Pixabay Last week as I was browsing Quora and emerging myself in what...


Last Updated On: 17/10/22

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5 Things to Have in Mind Before Launching Your Small Business

Today’s article is dedicated to all aspiring entrepreneurs who have this dazzling business idea but have no idea where to start from Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash On a weekly basis, I...


Last Updated On: 26/08/22


How to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Full-Blown Business

What my story taught me on entrepreneurship, taking risks, personal development, and not letting struggles take their toll Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash Yes, it’s possible and if you manage to...


Last Updated On: 22/03/22


Having Killer Content is Actually Crucial For Your Business

The ‘what’, the ‘why’, and the ‘how’ (plus 7 practical guidelines) Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash When I successfully managed to turn my web development side hustle into a full-blown...


Last Updated On: 18/03/22