Thinking of Scaling Your Business? Here’s What You Should Know

Business scaling, once it becomes necessary, is truly a blessing – it certainly means you’ve done the job right and your company is thriving more than ever! However, as with everything...


Last Updated On: 30/08/23


Web Development in the Context of Media and Publishers: What You Need to Know

Step into the ever so dynamic world of digital publishing by landing the perfect online platform. @designsells / Freepik In this day and age, we are constantly surrounded by information. Wherever we...


Last Updated On: 06/12/22

work ethic


If You Want To Excel at Work, Try Improving Your Work Ethic — Here Are 9 Tips How

If You Want To Excel at Work, Try Improving Your Work Ethic — Here Are 9 Tips How Of course, covering all the job requirements is vital, but there’s something more to it — our work...


Last Updated On: 04/10/22

soft skills


Personal Development & Growth

6 Soft Skills That Are Undervalued When It Comes to Entrepreneurship

In today’s article, we’ll go beyond what’s obvious and will discuss 6 additional soft skills that you’ll find incredibly useful in entrepreneurship. Numerous times before...


Last Updated On: 16/09/22



Stop Identifying With Your Weaknesses

The path to self-development really has a lot to do with transforming your weaknesses into strengths instead. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash I’ve always found therapy to be quite...


Last Updated On: 18/08/22


3 Tips On Preparing Your Team For Necessary Changes

Don’t just throw what’s new in their faces — engage in little preparation instead Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash There is a structure in even the most chaotic of project management...


Last Updated On: 03/08/22

kickstart your mornings


13 Ways To Kickstart Your Day in the Mornings

It’s true — the way we begin our day greatly impacts our mindset for the next twelve hours. Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash Some time ago I began my journey in mindset research. I know...


Last Updated On: 13/07/22



What Actually Stays Behind Habit-Building + 3 Steps for Successfully Maintaining One

Perhaps you need to implement some newly acquired habits for your future growth and development? Photo by Prophsee Journals on Unsplash Chances are if you are determined to go down the road of...


Last Updated On: 27/06/22

learning from mistakes


5 Ways We Can Use Past Mistakes As Future Success and Stop Blaming Ourselves Till the End of Time

Everyone makes mistakes, so why not teach ourselves to look at things from a different perspective? Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression that there is no such...


Last Updated On: 24/06/22


I Implement Those 5 Business Principles For Maintaining Great Entrepreneurial Relationships

There’s a difference between other entrepreneurs being your competitors and your rivals — my advice is not to mix things up! Image by GDJ @ Pixabay We’ve all heard the expression about...


Last Updated On: 10/05/22

investments in business


Investments In Business Go Hand In Hand With Success And Here’s Why



Last Updated On: 09/05/22

when should an employee quit their job


Personal Development & Growth

If I Were An Employee, I Would Definitely Leave My Job For These 11 Reasons

No one should stay at a job that makes them miserable – let’s discuss some of the biggest no-nos every employee should have in mind Perhaps some of you might say: “It’s easy...


Last Updated On: 28/04/22

attending seminars


Personal Development & Growth

Leading Seminars – I Share 8 Crucial Benefits

It comes as no surprise that a huge part of the entrepreneur’s life sometimes is public speaking events – today let’s discuss seminars Public speaking is by no means easy. In...


Last Updated On: 21/04/22

work habits symbol


Personal Development & Growth

I Monitor My Work Habits For a Month - Here Is What I Learned

Did you know that cracking a joke in the office can lead you to a problem-solving solution? The majority of people are creatures of habit and I’m no exception. I’ve always found it incredibly...


Last Updated On: 19/04/22

productivity graph


Personal Development & Growth

28 Daily Hacks for Boosting Productivity

Certainly, we all can benefit from enhancing our productivity on a daily basis – I share with you 28 hacks that work wonders. Here is the thing – I’m sure we all can benefit from 36...


Last Updated On: 06/04/22


Character Traits You Need in Order to Become a Successful Leader

There’s so much more to it than having exceptional management skills. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash I’ve always had a really strong admiration for leaders. To me, leadership has always...


Last Updated On: 06/04/22

tips and tricks from journalistic career


Best Journalism Working Practices I Learned That You Can Use Too

All of them can help you outside of writing as well You know how people usually divide themselves into two separate groups: the ones with an analytical and critical approach and the creative ones,...


Last Updated On: 08/03/22