Spreading the Word: How to Popularize Your New Business

Crafting a business idea that promises to be successful and profitable is quite an adventurous and challenging experience. But what could soon turn out to be more adventurous and challenging is...


Last Updated On: 07/07/23


Do We Need to Leave Our Comfort Zone In Order to Succeed in Business?

It’s the hot topic of today’s world – entering the world of business and turning our professional dreams into successful enterprises. As this topic receives more and more attention both from...


Last Updated On: 10/02/23


Consistency As a Super Power in Successful Entrepreneurship

Among all the main-list characteristics that make an entrepreneur successful, we often tend to overlook consistency as a virtue. Photo by Dave Lowe on Unsplash In my day-to-day, I often meet fellow...


Last Updated On: 23/01/23

entrepreneurial communication


Boosting Your Entrepreneurial Communication Is Key – Here’s How

For many people out there, working hard and engaging in constant hustling is the only thing you need to do in order to achieve your goals and succeed. We are living in a world that definitely praises...


Last Updated On: 18/01/23

mindfulness in business


How Can Mindfulness in Business Benefit Your Career? Discussing 3 Effective Practices

See, I came to the realization that I find multitasking to be quite unproductive, as bizarre as it may sound. We live in a culture that proclaims the person’s ability to multitask as a sacred...


Last Updated On: 11/01/23

business mindset


Inventing the Proper Business Mindset in 2023 – I Share 6 Useful Strategies

The New Year kicked right in, welcoming us all in the next twelve months of opportunities! I doubt anyone would come up with anything more inspirational than this. With facing an entire new year of...


Last Updated On: 06/01/23

job in the corporate world


How Does a Job In The Corporate World Help You Establish a Business Later On

We often turn to numerous entrepreneurial tips, but what if our past professional experiences have done the trick? Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash Owning a business. Surely this phrase triggers an...


Last Updated On: 10/11/22

soft skills


Personal Development & Growth

6 Soft Skills That Are Undervalued When It Comes to Entrepreneurship

In today’s article, we’ll go beyond what’s obvious and will discuss 6 additional soft skills that you’ll find incredibly useful in entrepreneurship. Numerous times before...


Last Updated On: 16/09/22


How Modern Pentathlon Is the Same As Agile Project Management?

Things often don’t go as planned — both in sports and project management. Photo by Gentrit Sylejmani on Unsplash My time is often shared between doing sports, web development, and running a...


Last Updated On: 14/09/22


How To Know If You Have Entrepreneurial Potential

I share 5 signs that show that perhaps you have entrepreneurial potential somewhere in you. Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay Just recently I engaged in writing an article dedicated to FOMO...


Last Updated On: 16/08/22



Dear Entrepreneurs, You’d Soon Fail If You Work For 17 Hours a Day

Tips on how to balance between work and thought and what can fast cause professional downfall. Photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash Okay, I know the headline may sound a bit too harsh, but hear me...


Last Updated On: 01/08/22


6 Psychological Approaches That Can Actually Help You Run Your Business

Don’t you just love it that it all goes down to psychology after all, even in entrepreneurship? Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Do you know what’s interesting? A huge part of the fellow...


Last Updated On: 29/07/22

agile methodology


Let’s Discuss Project Management Pt.2: Agile Methodology

For when things get ruff, we often use the agile methodology. Last week I had my mind wrapped up around the idea of project management. As the CEO of Vipe Studio, I often have to figure out plenty of...


Last Updated On: 22/07/22

entrepreneurship fomo


“Am I Wasting My Chances?”: On Entrepreneurship and FOMO

In this day and age, it’s quite common for people to be concerned if they lack an entrepreneurial mindset Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash Let’s indulge in a little mind game, shall we? If someone...


Last Updated On: 21/07/22

personal branding


Can Personal Branding Be Part of Entrepreneurship?

Yes, it can and yes, it should be! Photo by Patrik Michalicka on Unsplash When we refer to entrepreneurship, we usually have in mind many different aspects — we focus on establishing a...


Last Updated On: 15/07/22

journaling for entrepreneurs


Fellow Entrepreneurs, Have You Tried Journaling?

5 ways that journaling can help you succeed—even if you don’t think you have the time for it. Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash Ok, here’s the thing — I’m well aware of the fact that if...


Last Updated On: 08/07/22

most common mistakes entrepreneurs make


6 Mistakes Aspiring Entrepreneurs Make

Because learning from our mistakes is actually the pivotal skill of them all. Photo by Medienstürmer on Unsplash There are gazillions of books that can teach us how to be great entrepreneurs. Or...


Last Updated On: 28/06/22