How Modern Pentathlon Is the Same As Agile Project Management?

Things often don’t go as planned — both in sports and project management. Photo by Gentrit Sylejmani on Unsplash My time is often shared between doing sports, web development, and running a...


Last Updated On: 14/09/22

lean methodology



Let’s Discuss Project Management Pt.3: Lean Methodology

The Lean methodology is all about adding value and getting rid of waste. During the last couple of weeks, I wrote two articles that focused entirely on two major project management methodologies. The...


Last Updated On: 28/07/22

agile methodology


Let’s Discuss Project Management Pt.2: Agile Methodology

For when things get ruff, we often use the agile methodology. Last week I had my mind wrapped up around the idea of project management. As the CEO of Vipe Studio, I often have to figure out plenty of...


Last Updated On: 22/07/22

waterfall methodology


Let’s Discuss Project Management: Waterfall Methodology

In a series of articles, let’s discuss project management, focusing on a different approach each time – today, we talk about the Waterfall Methodology. Being a leader goes hand in hand...


Last Updated On: 15/07/22